Saturday, November 27, 2021

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An Alternate Origin Story- NOT For The Faint Hearted.

CROWS IN THE CIRCUS Gotham wasn't always the cesspool it is now - you putrid pigs have a way of wrapping up your viciousness, your...

Bored With Boards- Everything That’s Wrong With India’s ‘Biggest Deal’

Today, I saw something that offended me and made me feel pity and sympathize with people, but not in the way you think. Today, I...

Why Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is Getting Mixed Reviews

Minor spoilers ahead (plot points and character appearances, no story or other major spoilers). There's a reason that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has...

Facebook, Free Basics, Net Neutrality And The Ignorant Indian.

'A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.' Last week I posted a Facebook status saying Star Wars spoiler: Obi Wan Kenobi dies. I was hurdled with...

Watch Enthralling Review Of Happy New Year By The Dork Knight

Think Bollywood is dumbing itself down right to the drain? Do you think catering to this sort of cheezy, slapstick, low IQ cartoon humor is...

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