Edith Minz is currently majoring in political science, her major interest has stemmed from her surroundings including the eagerness to explore different cultures, changing international relations, lifestyles and sustainable practices around her. In her experience of two years in writing and research, she found ways to convey the right messages and thoughts for life through her diverse mind and experiences in this niche. With a soul to travel she is keen to explore destinations and write stories and advices for the readers to make their journey an easy one. She also dreams to be a professional in the field of writing and always helping and guiding people through this.
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What is a Texas Margarita? A Must Try Refreshing Cocktail

Level up your cocktail parties with amazing refreshing glasses of Texas margaritas.

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Step-By-Guide To Harvesting Parsley: 3 Best Ways To Reap Parsley

Parsley is our favourite garnishing herb and goes well with all veggies.

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Deciphering Things To Eat With Tonsillectomy: A Nutritional Guide

Recovery from Tonsil surgery is a painful one. And even more puzzling

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When to Start Fertilizing Seedlings? Useful Gardening Tips!

We all like our gardens to be adorned with beautiful flowers and

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Healing Flavors: Choosing the Best Foods Post-Root Canal Treatment

More than 15 million people go through root canal Treatments every year.

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Who Voices Spongebob Squarepants Characters

Spongebob Squarepants is one of our beloved nostalgic cartoon shows. The story

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What Languages do they Speak in Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country with a rich heritage and a vibrant

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