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Trumping Racism: Protesting Sikh Escorted Out of Trump's Presidential Rally 6

Trumping Racism: Protesting Sikh Escorted Out of Trump’s Presidential Rally

President Obama is in his last few months at the oval office. This means that the race for the next American president has long since begun and that world is currently being subjected to a number of highly entertaining presidential candidates. 

There’s Ben Carson, the world class brain surgeon with a questionably terrific past (hey, no judgment here), Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, and secretary of state with an equally questionable past as the secretary of state. Another contender in the race is Jeb Bush, who, well, might as well not have contested at all. And finally, there’s Donald Trump – the world famous business monarch, reality Television star, and self-confessed racist (fine, not exactly, but he might as well be with all the blatant racism. Just saying!).
So, Donald Trump. Where do we start with him? He’s easily one of the most entertaining of the presidential candidates right from his Twitter feud with ‘Modern Family’ writer Danny Zuker which ended with Zuker tweeting:

Getting into an argument with an Emmy award-winning writer probably isn’t the smartest thing to do. Then he went on to verbally attack Republican rival Carly Fiorina over her face saying “Who would vote for a face like that?” (Seriously Donald, she ran HP to the ground financially, and you attack her face of all things? Really?).

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