Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Varsha Vallarian

With a pinch of excitement and a spark✨of creativity, I’m a genius! I love confusing people as confusions lead to the greater good and the world 🌍 is my home! A movie 🎥 enthusiast and a mind traveller!

5 Simple and Crazy Ways On How To Be Friends With Your Crush

One of the many things that 50% of our life depends on is the fun we have crush on somebody. This is one of...

Top Methods on How to Make Yourself Throw Up in 5 Seconds

Vomiting or throwing up has never been anybody’s favorite topic to discuss as it involves the gross factor of vomit! Although it is one...

The Top Interesting Facts about Malayalees

How Interesting Is a Malayalee? A Fun and Crazy Read on Interesting Facts About Malayalees That You Dont Wanna Miss! 'Keri Vaa Makkale! Let's...

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