Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Mayukh Bhattacharjee


Adarsh Desai: Spreading Fitness Education to the Masses

There have been a lot of nutritionists and fitness trainers who help people gain a good physique, maintain fitness and assist in leading a...

The Expert’s Guide to Healthy Living: Chirag Barjatya

Nutritionists and fitness trainers add great value to our life in today’s world. They assist us in maintaining a healthy and active life, which...

Helping People Lead a Healthy Lifestyle: In Conversation With Hardik Bonthu

The value for nutritionists and fitness trainers is great in the present society. In today's fast-moving life, people often forget how to be fit...

Study of Mind with Srishti Asthana!

In this world of various mental issues, including depression, trauma, anxiety, and panic attack, there is the need for someone who can help you...

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