Sunday, January 16, 2022


Monisha Chetia

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Haunted Island of The Dead Dolls : 5 Must-Know Things

Did you ever experience someone calling out your name on a creepy night? Or felt something scratching, lurking around you all the time? Well,...

Endangered Ring Tailed Lemur: Discover 5 Important Things

Remember 'King Julien' from Madagascar? The ring-tailed lemur, who rocked his butt singing 'I like to move it, move it' in Madagascar 5? Wasn't he admirable? Well,...

Kayaking for Beginners: 5 Important Things

First thing First, Kayaking and Canoeing both watersports go hand in hand but, they do have their differences. Read Canoe Vs Kayak: 6 Interesting Differences. Kayaking...

Trek To Rainbow Mountain Peru: 5 Important Things

Ever wondered how it might feel waking up on a mountain surrounded by different shades of colors? If you are still guessing, I am talking...

Visit To The Long Beach Island: 6 Fun Things To Do

Do you visit beaches to get soaked under the warm sunshine? or love to watch how the ocean flips pages of its shores? (Read...

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