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Somi is a content writer for Icy Tales. As she has a knack for reading, writing, and learning new things, she is here to share her thoughts and views on various interesting subjects. She likes discovering certain theories or stories that are generally not known to the world. She likes to explore the theories and share them all with you. She hopes that you will enjoy reading her articles. Education: Bachelor's degree in M.A. in English with a first-class ranking.
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A List of Top 10 Most Popular Martial Arts in the World

Martial arts are traditional forms of combat sports mainly practiced for self-defense.

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Are Mermaids Real? 4 Surprising Facts You Must Know

We have all heard about mermaids in myths and these mythical creatures

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6 Best Goodie Bag Ideas for Teenage Girl

Before we receive some Goodie Bag ideas for teenage girls, we must

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Do Snakes Have Bones? 11 Amazing Facts About Snakes

Do snakes have bones is a question that many people ask. Snakes

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Top 6 Types of Best and Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a festive holiday season when everyone tries to spread holiday

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How to Flirt with Girls: More than 14 Proven Tips

Are you a guy who is romantically interested in a girl? But

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