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Susanta Biswas
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Social Media Manager | Content Team Leader | Tech Enthusiast | Writer Greetings, I'm Susanta Biswas, a passionate advocate for the digital age and a firm believer in the power of technology to shape our world. With a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (B.Tech IT), I've embarked on a journey that combines my love for technology with my knack for storytelling. Currently, I wear multiple hats at Icy Media, where I serve as the Social Media Manager and lead the dynamic content team at Icy Tales. My role is not just about managing digital platforms; it's about crafting compelling narratives, harnessing the potential of social media, and fostering engagement that goes beyond the screen. Writing has always been my solace and my muse. Even in my free time, I'm drawn to the keyboard, eager to translate my thoughts and experiences into words that resonate with others. My passion for writing has not only led me to create content for Icy Tales but has also ignited a desire to help others harness the power of words. While I may not have physically visited all the places I write about, my commitment to research is unparalleled. I delve into the depths of information, leaving no stone unturned to bring my viewers the most comprehensive insights. My knowledge is my passport to the world, and through my content, I aim to share the wonders of the globe with my audience. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, I find purpose in bridging the gap between technology and storytelling. Join me on this exciting journey, where I blend my technological insights with the magic of words to create content that informs, inspires, and empowers. Let's explore the digital realm together, one keystroke at a time.