Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Nikhil attri


10 Things To Follow In A Long-Distance Relationship #Masterhacks!

If the most lovable movement of your life is when her hand is in your hand, and her eyes are lost somewhere in you,...

Speaking to Yourself: Its not always crazy!

"He will hit a six." No! He won't. "He will surely hit a six." There was a huge conflict going on between me and myself. Yuvi was...

An Alternative Theory To Life On the Planet Earth: Just A Story!

You wake up at 6. Get ready, eat your breakfast, head to office, come back at 9, eat your dinner, watch a show and...

Civil War: Captain America Vs Iron Man! Who will win the battle?

  I do not know superheroes exist in reality or not. Also, I do not know what might happen if they did exist. But the...

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