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Top 10 Best Ariana Grande Songs

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What are some of the best songs by Ariana Grande? Update your playlist with these refreshing tracks!

She started off on the Musical Broadway. She played the beloved character’ Cat Valentine’ on TV serials Victorious and Sam and Cat. Ariana Grande launched her singing career with some humble hits like Focus on Me, tattooed heart, problem, and more (how can we forget bang bang?).

Her music style varies from R & B, hip hop, trap, and subtle essence of funk and EDM.

One can easily recognize her unique voice in a song. Grande is also famous for the iconic high ponytail hairdo that she sports most of the time. Ariana Grande is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram. Currently, the follower count stands at 196 million.

Today, she is one of the biggest influencers, and most followed celebrities on Instagram. Grande has a net worth of $150 million, making her one of the most popular pop star. She has collaborated with some influential artists like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Jessie J, and more.

With her recent release of ‘Stuck with U’ in collaboration with Justin Bieber, she is once again back in the limelight. The song is currently trending on Spotify, YouTube as well as other music platforms.

Today, we will see some of the best songs of Ariana Grande till the date. We have picked songs right from her debut album ‘Yours truly’ to her recent hits.

Top 10 Awesome Ariana Grande Songs

1. God is a Woman

We will start with the song that is probably her best one till the date and has proved a little controversial for her. Ariana Grande puts forward the idea of God being a woman.

The video has really stunning visuals that capture some of the Bible stories from a feminine point of view. The music video discovers and celebrates female essence, all the while depicting that women are powerful.

Of course, lyrically, the song is as powerful as the visuals. Notably, the chorus at the end is one of the finest parts of the song. The music is enigmatic and catchy.

Not everyone would agree with the ideas presented through the song. But this is indeed one of the best Ariana Grande songs ever. Her fourth studio album, ‘Sweetener’ has earned her a Grammy Award. Surprisingly, the title track of ‘Sweetener’ is one of the boring songs on the album.

2. Side to Side ft. Nicki Minaj

Two of the most prominent singers collaborating for a hit song! This song was repeatedly played on music channels because it was simply cool to watch. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj together at the gym singing an upbeat song with a cool beat.

Most of us will find this song relatable. This is about Grande being obsessed with a guy. Her friends ask her to give the guy up, but she is way too obsessed. This is probably one of the most viewed songs of Ariana Grande. Currently, it has crossed 1.7 billion views on YouTube.

3. 7 rings

The lyrics of the song and the cool beat will get stuck in your head for quite a while. Who said Ariana Grande cannot be the bad chick?

The video features Ariana Grande having a great time partying. She dons pink outfits as she gives some Instagram baddie vibes.

The epic line ‘I see, I like it, I want it, I get’ sums up how Grande is enjoying her life right now. From writing her checks to writing her own songs, she is undoubtedly having a great time.

As of today, the music video of ‘7 rings’ has more than 810 million views on YouTube. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Ariana Grande songs.

4. Thank U, Next

This song was really hyping on social media. And we had almost every other girl sharing a pic captioned ‘Thank U, Next.’ Commercially, this is one of her most successful songs. The video, as well as the lyrics, are really catchy.

Again, this is something that only Ariana Grande could pull off. She puts across the message that self-love is essential. And you should be grateful to your former lovers for teaching you important life lessons.

‘Thank U, Next’ and ‘Sweetener’ are Grande’s most acclaimed and commercially successful studio albums.

Not all of Grande’s songs were this good. The singer herself admits that she does not like some of her songs. She has her fair share of not-so-cool songs. Here are Ariana Grande’s worst songs.

5. One Last Time

Once again, Ariana Grande’s voice fills your ears with her unique voice and good music. The song has a simple story illustrated through the music video. The titular line ‘One last time/ I need to be/ the one who takes your heart’ really gets stuck in your head.

The music goes well with the video. The video starts off with an alien invasion type situation and riots. Ariana Grande tackles the crowd and chaos along with her lover. The ending will leave you ‘awwwww.’ Definitely, one of the best Ariana Grande songs.

Did you know? Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have the same manager. Scooter Braun is the one who helped Bieber make it big. He also works closely with Carly Rae Jepsen.

6. Into you

Remember the time when you were dating somebody and didn’t want anybody to know it? Keep it a scandalous secret? This is precisely the theme of this song by Ariana Grande. A passionate love affair hidden from the public eye!

The music video is really cool. Open skies, deserted roads, and an awesome bike! Ari sure seems to have fun with the cute guy. And let’s not forget the stylish outfits that Grande has sported in this video.

‘Into You’ from the album ‘Dangerous Woman’ has more than 789 million views on YouTube. This makes it one of the most-watched songs of Grande.

Ariana Grande has also sung for movies like Beauty and the Beast (the one starring Emma Watson) and Charlie’s Angels. The song ‘Don’t call me an angel features Lana Del Ray and Miley Cyrus.

7. No tears left to cry

Lyrically, this song puts across a very powerful message. Most of the Grande’s songs have the theme of self-love. In this song, too, she talks about being in a state of mind where she has no tears left to cry. This makes it one of the best Ariana Grande songs.

Unlike the name of the song, the actual song is quite positive, upbeat, and empowering. It talks about Grande’s sick of being upset, and she is giving out and taking in good vibes.

The music video garnered 14 million views in under 24 hours. Before the song was released, there was a lot of buzz about it on social media. The song was speculated to be about the bombing that occurred at one of her concerts. The ‘Dangerous Woman’ tour was cut short due to the incident.

Grande sent out t-shirts captioned ‘No tears left to cry’ to her celeb friends for the promotion of this song. The celebs included the Kardashians!

If you like Ariana Grande, chances are that you will like Justin Bieber too. Here are some of the best Justin Bieber songs.

8. Rain on me ft. Lady Gaga

This is one of the most recent songs on the list, and its trending. Two of the most remarkable artists collaborating for a rainy day hit! The song was instantly a hit upon its release.

Just like most of her songs, this one, too, has meaningful lyrics and symbolism. The song tells you to go on despite difficulties. The use of metaphors here is fabulous. ‘Water like misery/ rain on me’ describes the pain in everyone’s life.

Despite this intense theme and lyrics, the refreshing song gets you swaying to the beat. Clearly, this one of the best Ariana Grande songs.

9. Boyfriend ft. Social House

Ever faced a situation where you guys are not dating, but you don’t want that person to date someone else as well? Well, Grande just explains this fragile situation in an upbeat song.

Before and upon the song’s release, there was excitement about this song. What was the song about? Was Ariana Grande talking about her relationship? Is there someone special in her life?

But this song turned out to be about all of us. It is incredibly relatable. This is for all of us who are wary of commitments. If you like this song, you will probably like ‘Break up with your girlfriend, cause I’m bored.’

10. Break free ft. Zedd

This is the song that gives out the most positive vibes. We have Zedd for the amazing music playing in the background. The song has a fun vibe to it, and the video is equally bizarre.

The intro of the song warns us that it is going to be an exciting intergalactic adventure. The entire video is really cool to watch with aliens and laser guns. But the lyrics have a deeper meaning, and it’s very symbolic.

‘Break free,’ the name itself suggests the idea of breaking free of all the fears and restraints. This idea is portrayed through an energetic song.

So, this article listed some of the best Ariana Grande songs. Not all the deserving songs could make it to this list. Some of the other noteworthy songs are Dangerous Woman, In my head, Breathing, Everyday ft. Future, Problem ft. Iggy Azalea (it has over a billion views on YouTube) and many more fantastic hits.

Do you like Ariana Grande? Comment your favorite Ariana Grande songs in the comment section below!

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