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10 Awesome Things That Happen with A Guy Bestfriend


Bollywood, since forever, has always asked if a boy and a girl can remain ‘just friends’ or ‘Bestfriends‘. Well Bollywood, you know what? HELL YES! Admit it, boys are so cool as BFFs.

Are you a girl who has a guy best friend? Then you’ll instantly relate to this post.


You would get to tease him all the time and he won’t ever be offended. Instead, he’ll come up with bigger insults. Bestfriends are meant to be teased, right?




He is the one who ships you with his hot guy friends because you people share that undying bro-code. Bonus: He helps you out with your guy related problems.



He’s protective about you. Never in his life would he want you to go through any sort of inconvenience. And God save the guy who breaks your heart! He is the bestfriend, no one can ever be!



He listens to you, or at least pretends to. It can be 3 in the morning and you could still rant about your not-so-important problems.



He doesn’t ever let your secrets out. That is an important point, ladies.



Your parents don’t have to be tensed if he’s there with you even during the late hours of night.



Drinking and smoking become an essential part of your life. ‘Cause you bestfriend taught you these.



He enhances your knowledge about the ‘not-so-girly’ but important things: football, porn, alcohol, video games and what not.



He won’t bitch about you. If he finds anything wrong, he’ll slam it on your face.



He will be there for you no matter what. You’ll shout, fight, swear but always remain the best of friends at the end of the day.



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