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Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You

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Often we beat ourselves up for having bad habits and desperately want to change them. However, not all habits we regard to be bad are worse, some might be good for us. Here are six habits which are actually good for us:

Day dreaming

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Day dreaming is often correlated with being lazy. We often get bugged in middle of our day dreaming habit and are prompted to work hard instead of spending time in couch or bed.
But, is day dreaming really that bad?

Research has shown that day dreaming makes a person more creative. When our mind wanders it activates our problem solving abilities. Hence, it helps to connect dots and help to find solution one hasn’t considered before. So, ladies and gentleman, day dreaming is good once in a while!

Drinking coffee

Caffeine in large amount is always bad for health. Often it is regarded as a stimulant responsible for insomnia, increasing risk of heart attack and some other health horrors.
The good news however is, if drunk in moderate quantities (2 to 3 cups per day) coffee helps in boosting up metabolism. Also, coffee has antioxidants that are good for your skin and immune system.

Skipping Shower

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If you are lazy enough to get yourself showering every day, then there is good news for you. Skipping shower is actually good for your health. Bathing regularly especially with hot water is shown to dry skin out, remove essential oils from the body and destroy some good bacteria on the skin.

When saying this, it still is advised that people do take showers after heavy gym and if they have body odor problems.

Sleeping in

We often regard people who sleep till late as lazy. But a research conducted in University of Munich has shown that people who get up to the alarm clock are three times more likely to be overweight compared to people who wake up relying on their body’s internal clock.

So Friends! On weekends, don’t set your alarms and wake up only when your body says “enough of the sleep”.


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Gossiping is regarded as one of the bad habit that one should get rid of. Either it be gossiping about love affair of your friend or passing opinions about someone else’s attire, it is usually regarded as a thing one should avoid.
However, gossiping actually does help health wise. It releases good hormones which helps to cut down stress and anxiety. Apart from that, it helps in creating bonds with peers and helps us to understand about characters around us.

Not tiding your room

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If you are messy, there is a good news for you. A little of messiness is okay.
Keeping your room immaculately clean wipes out all the germs around, even the good ones.

Also, a research shows that people living in messy rooms inspire new creative ideas and breaking free the tradition unlike people in tidy room who play it safe. Hence, messiness is directly proportional to creativity.
After seeing the positive aspects of these habits, one must also remember, too much everything is bad. Even sugar gets bitter if taken in large amount. So, we don’t have to totally give up these habits, but overdoing these are definitely not so good for health and hygiene.






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