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Basic Tips And Ideas On Indian Office Design

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Gone are the days when office means wooden chairs with steel tables placed in different long rows and columns. Indian office design and its meaning have totally changed in just a few years. The company owners want to bring enthusiasm and productivity through a beautifully designed office space.


Both employers and interior designers are taking this idea seriously. Even interior designers in Delhi are showing some amazing results with their projects for the clients.


The concept of corporate interiors is renewed. The interior designers share contemporary, classy yet Indian workspace design ideas. The primary intention is to bring a change in the working environment.


office design


Offices for Indians are like a second home. The employees spend almost 10 hours of their life at the office. A boring office with no attractive and comfortable work area can affect the company’s overall turnover.


Lately, the employers finally understand the importance of spicing up the office space for the employees. 


How you will feel when you walk in the office main door, and that bright orange wall with a big Buddha sculpture with office fresh plants and accent lights welcome you and shout at you GOOD MORNING. You feel energized, motivated, and start the day fresh. Isn’t it?


That is the power of a beautiful, thoughtful Indian office design that makes you and your employees feel happy from inside. The concept of the modern office is getting popular these days. Hence, the interior design services offer great help to employers.


They plan, prepare a 3D plan, choose the colors, furniture, statement lights, and other interior accessories smartly. Once the design gets approved with a proper budget, the interior company starts the work.


Startups with young employers focus more on office space. They believe the ideas are born when you have beautiful surroundings. Indian office design is not only stylish, but you will find Indian essence throughout the work floor.


The interiors not only take into consideration the owner of the office floor. They also perform complete market research about the latest designs, furniture trends, Colorado of the salon, entertainment space at the office, and many more.


Comfort is another factor that employers want to give to the employees. Hence, they want to include not only the office desk and chair. But some bean bags, soft cushion sofas, or other comfortable furniture where they can enjoy the work and comfort together.


Today, most Indian office design is Instagram worthy. It allows social butterflies to click photos and post on Instagram for engagements. It is a great idea socially for digital media companies where shooting, videography is the primary job role. 


The office interior should reflect the identity, goal, the vision of your business. It’s time for you to bring the best design office to motivate you and increase work productivity.


Open, close cubicle, or collaborative are the three different styles of workspace. The modern office should decide which one to choose. Now an IT firm should have a cubicle concept for peaceful software and coding development. 


A law firm needs both a collaborative and cubicle concept. In the cubicle area, the lawyers can work on confidential cases. In a collaborative area, the lawyers can sit together and discuss points on the cases.


sunlit office


Advertising or agency needs a more open and collaborative space to work for ideas to float in. Hence, different sectors want different Indian office design for productivity at work.


1. Texture And Color


Your office space should be bright and happy. You should select the colors and textures that will make the space large. The smart choice of colors will even look small space even big.


Whites are the most favorite color of choice and wooden texture well compliments with white. Color patterns are the best choice of the open space work area. The clutter-free zone in the office area offers positivity at work. 


2. Smart Choice Of Furniture


Now companies are choosing the furniture that excites the employees and does not bore them. The standard office desk and chair concept is gone. Companies even include a coffee table and stools or bean bags in their workspace. It gives a cool home office kind of feeling.


So, employees can rather lighten up their office sits over a coffee table. Who knows, ideas may evolve like this. Such a unique Indian office design also encourages more new employees to join in. 


They love the office ambiance and culture. It gives them a feeling that they are at home and doing their work. 


3. Environment Friendly


Office with a green concept is almost everyone’s favorite. Use imagine working in an office where you are surrounded by green plants, with a cool breeze. It’s such a fresh and happy workspace. 


Working in a green space office keeps you fit. Your mental stability is strong. There is less question of stress and anxiety. It even improves the quality of sleep. 


The large window concept is popular in the green office to bring air and light and reduce carbon footprints’ harmful effects. 


4. Lights


The lights in the office also play an important role. One must choose smart lights to reduce energy bills. The initial investment is expensive. But it has a good return.

Lights also play an important role in Indian office design. 


5. Areas For Recreation


Today, the office does not mean only work. Even the employers include table tennis, carom, billiards, and PlayStation to chill, relax, have fun, and work simultaneously. It keeps their brain fresh.


Having a recreation space offers the spirit of collaborative work. Employees understand the meaning of collaborative work. They even believe in teamwork. 


6. Motivational Walls


You can choose one wall in your office where you can hang motivation quotes, frame the world’s best leaders, or hang the business’s success story. It creates positive energy in the work area. When someone enters the office, they can feel motivated. 


7. Meeting Areas


The Meeting area is a space where you need to have long discussions. Sometimes it is a place where new ideas generate. Hence, the furniture, color of the meeting space area, and smart features in the room are what you need. 


If you opt for a normal meeting room, then the traditional long rectangle desk with revolving chairs is the best option. But if you opt for something semi-formal, then choose an offbeat bold color for the room.


Furniture that you can choose should go with semi-formal themes like bar stools and height tables. Smart TV with a projector is a must in the meeting rooms. It helps to conduct presentations, conference, and video calls easily.


Indian office design


Proper planning of workspace design includes a modern setting. It should break the monotony of boring office look and break the space into recreation and work.


Today the designers are young and modern, so they understand the value of the modern work setting. They try to provide a workspace where fun meets work. The workspace should motivate you, inspire you to bring some new ideas in the work area. 


The interior decorators closely work with the employees of the client. They meet up with them and discuss their work setting, mood, and type of work. It helps them to design the work area as per the employees’ needs.


It even offers a personal touch to the project. The interior designer comes in close contact with the employees to know their thoughts about a workspace. It widens the design idea, and accordingly, the design professional can offer you the exact design.


Indian And Western Corporate Trends In Interior


West is more formal than India. Still, the West prefers to comfort their employees. They believe that employees and clients are both important for an organization. Employees are spinal of the company.  


In India, the concept is a little different. For ages, they think employees are replaceable items. Hence, less priority is given to employees. They prefer more cabin culture rather than an open workspace. 


The family generation after generation is running the business. Uncle, investment in office design is considered as a liability. Hence, they never redesign the work area. 


Thanks to the startup culture where young minds are coming to the forefront with a blast of ideas. They focus on the mind of the employees they hire. They feel the employees need, comfort, and happiness.


They believe in out-of-box thinking, and therefore this trend is transforming. So, the very first thing that comes to mind the workspace design. Aesthetically, it should give positive vibes to the eyes. That is the primary focus of today’s young entrepreneurs. 


Many startup owners traveled all around the world, worked with elite companies outside India. They are more connected with Western work culture. Hence when they bring a startup in India, they also bring in western influence.


They love to include the gym, library, reading area, snack area in the mid of the work area. It shows the work area’s flexibility, including an Indian office design twist with a modern touch. 


The design of a particular office should reflect the brand name of the company. It should have a mix of the owners’ personal touch and employees’ comfort.


Colors Say Aloud


West is always in love with plain, neutral, and white colors. Today, the office does not mean only brow, black, beige, white colors only. It is now more on the yellow, orange, multicolor concept. 


Though light color offers peace of mind, bold colors also show zeal, creativity. Hence, are preferred color based on the demand and need. 


Key Role Of Interior Designers


Interior designers are the perfect person who can give you the best outcome of office space interiors. You can discuss the entire requirements with them, ask and compare the best quotes, and then make the best decision.


Tips Of Interior Design Tips


You should choose the interior design that will reflect the best style and taste for you. If you are a lover of contemporary style, then select the entire interior that matches your taste. 


The selection of design, textures, and pieces will be such that it will reflect comfort. Indian office design is all about comfort for the employees in today’s corporate culture. Gone are the old days where employees are a liability. 


Corporate offices are taking the employees seriously. They are the company’s assets, and hence many startups are giving force to comfort with interior designs.


In a modern corporate office, the interior design reflects as an inspiration. The experts create a design that excites, motivates, and inspire all the staff. It makes them feel happy to work, invest their time in startup companies. 


Collaborative work opportunities are the principal focus of modern corporate culture. The cubicle concept is a complete No-No these days. Open space work culture is playing a dominant role in Indian office design. 


We should do the interior design so it will increase the productivity of the employees. They should not feel bore at work. 


The color, texture, murals, and furniture must make them feel energetic at work. They should not miss home while at work.


Look Of Reception Area


The reception area is the first area when any new people see while entering the office premises. So, the interior designers should be very thoughtful with reception space. 


It is the gateway to the interior designs that you can offer to any people who visit your office for the first time. The design of the reception speaks the details about Indian office design. 


To make the first impression, it is the space that you have to pour your heart out. The interior designers must explore their creative level and design the best reception area.


If you are still thinking of redesigning your work area, it is the right time. Meet with interior designers, discuss your need, and check out the different 3D plans before fixing the ultimate design for India’s modern work culture.


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