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12 Top New Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

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Romantic bedtime stories for girlfriend are a great way to make your relationship strong.  It might help to communicate better, especially when it’s a long-distance relationship, and we all know how hard it is to manage things in a long-distance relationship.

Everyone loves bedtime stories, and we all have heard these stories when we were young, right? Stories about the prince charming approaching us on a white horse but growing up, we all lose these small joys of life, but bedtime stories can help you get small joys back into your life.

Everyone likes a good story, but romantic stories always have a soft spot in everyone’s heart, especially for people in love.

Even though you are in a long-distance relationship with your partner, you can enjoy these short, cute romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend over the phone.

Importance of bedtime stories

You might be in a steady relationship or just have started seeing someone you like, and you might have desired to wish your girlfriend goodnight romantically, right? Maybe you have even thought of doing something different, so why not try some bedtime stories for girlfriends to convey your love.

Bedtime story isn’t just for the children or kids anymore. Short and interesting bedtime stories for girlfriend are a thing now. It’s one of the ways to make your bond stronger.

A bedtime story for a girlfriend is one of the ways to keep up the heat of love and intimacy, and don’t worry, and it will not be a moral-oriented story to make things boring.

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At first, it may sound cliched, but after hearing a romantic bedtime story, your girlfriend will get hooked even for the first time. It works better than a dozen of flowers you brought for her or any other gift.

A romantic story listening from her partner before sleeping will surely make a girl fall in love with her partner again.

And bedtime stories for girlfriends are not just for those in a long-distance relationship. Even if you live close by or together, you can try this out. Your girlfriend will sleep better once she hears her partner reading her stories. She will feel more connected to you.

These bedtime stories for girlfriend will assure her of being with you and offer her unconditional love.

All girls have grown up learning about fairy tales and hearing romantic stories from our mothers, and we all wished to be a part of some romantic stories.

There’s nothing better for a woman than listening to her man’s voice lulling her to sleep, and when you can’t tuck her in or kiss her, these bedtime stories for girlfriend will fill the void of your absence.

Whether or not you are sleeping together afterward, bedtime stories for girlfriend will get your girl a peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams.

As a kid, your girlfriend must have listened to bedtime stories from her mother or father, now growing up, listening to stories from her boyfriend will make her feel happy and special.

So, we have prepared a whole list of bedtimes for girlfriend that you can check.

Short  And Funny Bedtimes Stories for Girlfriends

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1. I Can’t Stop Loving You

This story is about Gerald and Elaine. Elaine has dementia and has been married to Gerald for 40 years. Elaine was a fair complexion girl, and Gerald was a handsome man when they got married.
They lived together in a small home with their maid, Maria. One day Gerald noticed Elaine was wearing the sweater in and out. He used to make sure these things never happened.
In the meantime, Maria, the maid, came with tea and cookies, and she asked Elaine how she was doing that day, and Elaine flinched at this question.
Maria understood the situation and left. Gerald handed over the tea to Elaine, and then Elaine asked him, ‘When will we get married?’ ‘Soon, my love,’ Gerald replied, and then Elaine smiled at him and said, ‘I love you. Please talk to my father soon.”
‘I love you too,’ her husband smiled, and then they walked into the garden holding hands.

2. Love at the First Reflection

Joseph didn’t believe in love at first sight, he used to believe that you have to know a person before you fall in love with them and all these physical attributions that make you attracted towards someone doesn’t last long, but little did he know that his life was going to change soon.

On one fine day, it was raining cats and dogs, and Joseph had been drenched to the skin on the short walk from the taxi to the entrances of his office block.

There he collided with a girl named Anna, who was in a similar condition.

As she ran to get out of the train, they collided in the doorway. As they collided, the girl’s bag fell out of her hands, and so did the contents inside it. Joseph immediately apologized and was about to give back her things when suddenly his eyes met hers.

She had golden hair with blue eyes, and for Joseph, that was the moment. The girl was the prettiest woman he had ever seen.

With a sweet smile, she said thank you. He didn’t know her name at that time, but he was sure that she was the one for him. He did fall in love at first sight.

3. Most Worthy Relationship

One day a husband returned home with a bouquet of beautiful lilies just the way his wife liked.

After seeing them, the wife was pleasantly surprised and was about to ask him, then his daughter came. The young girl asked his daddy, “What are they for, daddy?” Her father replied “, All my colleagues were complaining about their marriage life.”

“At the same time, it made me feel so lucky to have your mummy in my life. She is the most understanding and beautiful woman in the entire world.”

Her wife beamed with joy, and they all gathered for a sweet hug.

4. A Dozen of flowers

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A husband bought her a dozen flowers, but she was confused that 11 flowers were fresh and one was artificial.

The wife was curious after seeing them. She gave a lot of thought to it, but in the end, she gave up and asked her husband, “why have you given me one artificial flower and the other 11 flowers are fresh?”

The husband smiled and said, “I will love you till this artificial flower dies” after listening to this, the wife blushed and gave her husband a sweet hug while her eyes were wet with tears.

5. A Long-Awaited Response

A girl asked her boyfriend, “Am I pretty or not?” the boy answered, “No” and then the girlfriend asked him another question, “Do you want to be with me forever or not?”. The boy answered with another “No.” After hearing this, the girl was disappointed and hurt, and she decided to ask one last question, “Would you be sad if I left you?”

Hearing this, the boy answered, “No, why would I be sad for you?”. This response left the girl heartbroken.

Just as she was about to leave with tears in her eyes, the boy grabbed her arm, and the girl fell in his lap. As she started moving away from him, he pulled her closer and said, “You are not just pretty. You are the most beautiful and charming women I’ve ever met, you are my need, and need is far behind than want!”

Hearing these lines, the girl blushed, her boyfriend smiled a little, and then he told her he would not be sad if she left him because he would not be able to survive without her, and he couldn’t expect a moment of his life without her.”

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6. Love Beyond All Odds

Charlotte Von Slevin was a 19-year-old girl from a Swedish royal family. In 1975, she decided to travel to India to meet a talented artist named Pradyumma Kumar Mahanandia and get herself a portrait done.

He was born to become an artist, but he belonged to a poor Indian family, but besides the fact he was poor, he gained large popularity.

She met him and gave him a proper explanation of what she wanted, and with time, the portrait was ready, but their bond also grew with time, and they eventually fell in love.

Charlotte decided to live in India for just a couple of days, but she didn’t even realize when these days turned into weeks and months. And later on, they got married.

Charlotte had to leave to complete her higher studies, and though the newlywed were separated right after the wedding, their love never changed but grew more for each other.

They communicated through letters, and Pradyumna wanted to meet her, so after completing the studies, he sold all his properties to buy a ticket for an airplane. Still, he couldn’t afford it, so he bought a cheap bicycle and used it to ride halfway to reach London.

He packed all his paintings and brushes to get financial support, and he started his journey from India to the Western world on his cheap bicycle. And after 4 months, he reached Charlottes College in London, and they lived there happily ever after.

7. Just a Moment

One day a boyfriend and girlfriend were lying on the bed, the girl was busy reading books, and the boy was scrolling on his phone when he decided to click a selfie with his girlfriend.

He clicked a picture, and then the girl asked: “why did you click the picture when I’m not wearing the makeup, and you are going to post on social media? You might be a handsome college boy, but I’m not that pretty, people might make fun of you”.

Upon hearing this, the boy smiled a little and said, “This picture, I will show it to our future children, and I will tell them that their mom was the prettiest of all, even without makeup.”

Hearing this, the girl was all emotional, and she tightly hugged her boyfriend.

8. Ultimate Love

A girl and boy met on some social networking sites, and they instantly hit it off.

They started talking for hours, and they grew close to each other and felt a connection between them.

Both of them didn’t use their pictures on site, but still, they spent hours chatting with each other, soon after this, they exchanged telephone numbers and now most of the time they spent talking on the phone and eventually they have realized that they like each other.

One fine day, the boy asked the girl to meet him, she was happy at first but then became skeptical of this meeting as the girl was of short height and overweight, whereas he was a sweet-looking boy, but she didn’t know about this.

At last, they met in a cafe. The guy greeted her warmly with a smile on his face, and the girl was trying to figure out whether he liked her or not.

After some time the guy proposed to her, the girl had tears in her eyes, she said: “I thought you didn’t like me because of my weight,” to this the boy smiled and said, “I fell in love with you the moment we started talking, that is before we met, and for me, you will always be the most beautiful girl in the world.”

9. Strange Mix-up

A girl and boy were riding a motorbike while moving forward at high speed in the middle of the road. Suddenly the guy asked the girl, “Do you love me?” the girl was puzzled by such a question coming out of nowhere, but she still replied and said, “Yes, I love you!” and then she hugged him.

After the girls replied, the boy suddenly removed his helmet and asked the girl to wear it. The girl wore the helmet without putting much thought into it.

The next day there was an article on the news that a motorcycle met with an accident because of the brake failure. The guy died while the girl suffered minor injuries. The guy knew the brakes were failed, so he gave his helmet to her and hugged her for the last time.

10. Truth & Dare

A popular young guy was dared to ask out on a date the most beautiful white complexioned girl in the college. The girl didn’t just have a pretty face, but a sharp mind too. And that’s why the boy instantly fell in love with her, but alas, he got rejected the first time he proposed to her.

Still, he uncovered some of the sweetest aspects of that girl, and it took him 5 years, but at last, she accepted his proposal.

11. Love Against All Odds

When a young student of a catholic church asked her teacher why she decided to become a sister, her teacher told her a love story.

A few years ago, the teacher fell in love with a young man from a wealthy family, and it was love at first sight.

After some time, they started seeing each other and talking, but the boys’ parents found them one day, and they were against their relationship.

They threatened to enroll their son in a university overseas, so they decided to elope from their family.

But the boy’s family found about their plan, so instead of coming back to their family, they joined the church, took holy orders, and began traveling the world for a humanitarian purpose, and it’s been over 40 years since they have been together.

For them, love was not about having physical intimacy but seeing each other every day for the rest of their lives, and they could not afford to stay away from each other even though it meant seeing each other from a distance.

12. Blind Sight

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There was a girl who loved a boy, or you can say that there was a handsome boy who loved a girl, but the only hurdle they had in their love was that she was blind, but it was never an issue for the boy.

She loved the way he took care of her, loved the way he used to listen to her gibberish. She had painted a perfect image of him in her mind.

One fine day her parents told her that they had found a donor for her.

She requested the doctors to see the guy she loved before anyone else, and as promised, the doctors brought the boy into the room.

As soon as she opened her eyes, the image she painted of him in her mind was completely different. The guy was not pretty compared to the girl.

Still, she hugged him and said, “you are more perfect in real life than I imagined you to be,” and after some time, she got to know that the boy was the one who donated one of his eyes to her, and they lived happily ever after.

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