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10 Incredible Beer Pong Rules

Beer pong rules
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Beer pong, the game that requires the least amount of equipment and gives the maximum amount of fun. Here are ten beer pong rules that you shall follow if you are planning to play it.

But before that, know a little bit about its history.

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The game of beer pong

Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a fun drinking game. In this game, the players throw a ping pong ball to land in a beer cup.

Beer pong is generally played in teams, and the opposite team has to drink the contents of the specific cup in which the ball has landed and remove that cup from the flat surface.

If the team members can eliminate the opposite team’s plastic cups, then the team wins. The game requires an arrangement of ten cups. To make the game more interesting, the losing team is often given a task to perform.

The only thing required to play beer pong is a beer pong table, and if you do not have that, any flat surface will suffice. Some cups and a ping pong or tennis ball are needed.

Beer pong tables are not that costly, so if you wish to play this game ‘professionally,’ you may as well purchase them.

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Things to keep in mind

The beer pong game is usually played at house parties. It is one of the most popular drinking games and sometimes may promote binge drinking.

Some rules of the game are extremely disturbing and shall not be followed if teens are playing the gameThehe cup’s contents can be changed to juice or even wat to make the game more fun! Drinking games like beer pong can also be terrible for one’s health.

Facts about ping pong balls

The main reason why a ping pong ball is used to play beer bong games is that it does not flex when it hits any hard surface. These balls are filled with gas so that the bounce is improved.

The beer pong drinking game was invented at Dartmouth, one of the world’s most prestigious Ivy League schools.

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History of the ping pong ball

Before ping pong became a sport, the ball was a string, rubber, or champagne cork. James Gibb, in 1901 discovered celluloid balls in the United States. He was convinced that they were the best balls for the game of ping pong.

Facts about beer pong

Beer pong can be traced to a primitive game that resembled table tennis. Earlier, the beer pong rules required the players to use paddles. However, this rule was abandoned. There are many variations of this game and a variety of beer pong rules.

One of the facts about this game is that there was a time when women were not allowed to play it. One of the beer pong rules requires people to lean over the table, and women were discouraged. Some people even consider this game a sport.

This is because there are many beer pong rules, and the game has its world series. The popularity of the game has given it the position of a sport. However, there are many debates on the topic.

Rules of beer pong

Beer pong rules are not very complicated, which makes it even a more fun game. Beer pong is usually played by teams of two, and each group turns to throw one ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups.

There are no official rules of the beer pong game, and there are a lot of variations of beer pong rules. Therefore, it is important to know about racks, re-racking, and bouncing or swatting before playing beer pong.

If there is a draw, an additional cup may be added to decide the winner of the beer pong game.

1. Who Goes First

The game of “eyes decides the first shot of the first game.” While maintaining eye contact with the other team’s player in this game, a player shoots the ball into the cups simultaneously. The winner goes first. If it is not the first game, then the winning team goes first.

This game is typically played to ensure fair play. The person must make eye contact with the other team player throughout the shooting.

If he fails to do so, then the opposing team scores the chance to shoot first. In the game of “eyes,” if players miss the shot, then other team members play the same game to decide which team shoots first, and thus, the fun begins.

2. Re-racking

Each team can request a rearrangement of the cups twice in the actual game. This rearrangement of the beer cups is known as re-rack, racking, or reforming. Usually, the cups are arranged in a pyramid-like formation.

The re-rack process can only be done when the remaining cups are in numbers of six, four, three, or two. The last cup may always be centered.

3. Bouncing/Swatting

Another beer pong rule is that if the ball bounces and then goes into the cup, that cup is removed. Any other cup can also be removed as the defending team wishes. However, when only two cups are remaining, then only one cup is removed.

4. Fixing Cups

As each team gets turns to throw the ping pong balls, they may request the cups be fixed. This process is very different from the process of re-rack. In this, the cups are put into the position they would have been if they had not been knocked out of place.

5. Death Cup

When a cup is removed from the rack, in the player’s hand, or even if they have put it down without finishing the cup’s content, this cup is known as the death cup.

This is because if the defending team, according to this beer pong rule, can automatically lose the game due to this cup. If the opposing team shoots the ball in the same cup, then it is worth three cups.

6. On Table Rollbacks

If a ball rolls back after shooting without touching the floor, then according to beer pong rules, that ball can be used to shoot again behind the back, and if the ball lands in the cup, that team’s cups will be removed.

7. Fire Rule

One of the house rules is that after a player hits two cups in a row with beer pong balls, he can announce he is heating up.

After calling this out, if he makes the third shot and calls out that they are on fire, they are allowed to shoot until they miss.

If the player fails to announce this, it will be the other team’s turn, even if the ball hits the cup.

8. Lonely Cup

This beer pong rule is known by many names, for instance, the island cup, solo cup, or iso cup. According to this rule, to play beer pong, each player can call a specific cup once in a game.

If the player can throw pong in that one cup, then the defending team pulls that cup with an additional cup. If the ball hits the cup, the player gets another turn, and the drinking game continues.

9. Rebuttal

The rebuttal game is also known as redemption. The losing team gets a chance to hit the cup remains according to this rule.

This is one of the most basic rules of beer pong. The shooting team has to make sure that the ball lands in a cup to continue playing.

Bounce shot is also counted. If a player misses a shot and there are remaining cups, then they lose.

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10. Overtime

In this beer pong rule, three cups are placed in a triangle formation. No re-racking is allowed, and the two teams can only center their last cup.

Overtime happens only when one team can hit the remaining cups during rebuttal. The one team that hits the final cup first wins.

Unspoken beer pong rules

The elbow or the wrists rule is an unspoken beer pong rule. In this rule, it is advised that the players must keep their elbows behind the edge of the beer pong table.

Similarly, for the wrists rule, the players must keep their wrists behind the edge of the beer pong table. If this rule is broken, then the bounce shot is not counted.

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Other beer pong rules have been invented at house parties and are also known as house rules. The original game requires twenty-two party cups. However, many variations in this number have been made.

According to some beer pong rules, only six cups are required so that the game finishes quickly. One of the most important beer pong rules to be kept in mind before starting the game is that all the cups should touch each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve beer pong skills?

There are a few essential tips you can keep in mind to improve your skills:

i) Be fully aware of the type of throws

ii) Try to stay calm and relaxed. It helps to concentrate

iii) Learn how to shoot the ball in the proper way

iv) Make sure you are holding the ball with the right grip

What will happen if you get 2 balls in the same cup?

If you get 2 shots in the same cup, and if one or both of the balls are bounced, you get both balls back, and also, you get to nominate 2 other opposition cups as being shot.

When can the cups be removed?

You can not remove the cups as you wish. Only after both opposition shots have been taken can you remove the cups.

Are girls allowed to blow the ball out?

Yes, girls are allowed to blow the ball out.

How to win the game?

The team that shots all of the opponent’s cups wins the game fair and square.

Now you know all the beer pong rules and the tips you need to win the game. So, don’t wait. Set a beer pong game at your next party.

Let us know what do you think about this article on the top beer pong rules. Comment below.



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