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3 Beautiful Belize Wedding Traditions You Should Know About

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Of the numerous wedding customs that the world has to offer, Belize wedding traditions are one of the most unique, intriguing, and beautiful to say the least.

A wedding is a custom meant to bind two hearts with promises of love through thick and thin and everything in between.

In a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are joined in their happiness by their family and loved ones to celebrate the union.


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Belize is a country on the East Coast side of Central America, covered with thick jungle stretching in the West and Caribbean Sea shoreline in the East.

Belize adorns a rich history which is reflected in its diverse society comprised of a number of languages and cultures.

Mayan Ruins such as Caracol are homed in on the Bosom of Belize. They are renowned for their humongous Pyramids, Altun Ha, and Lagoon side Lamanai.

The Culture of Belize

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Belizean culture is a motley of various traditions and people from all walks of life, ranging from Kriol, Mayan, Garinagu, Mennonites, East Indian to cultures from Lebanese and Chinese.

It is a beautiful cultural blend emerging through the occasionally turbulent yet long history of the country. The legends of La Llorona can be found in Belizean folklore. Others include the legends of Cadejo, X’tabai, and Tata Duende.

The idea of Obeah and Mystic Healing is well known in Belizean culture.

Customs of Belize

Belize wedding traditions and customs are generally commemorated in the church.

Belize wedding Traditions include a colorful reception, a beautifully decorated altar with floral designs, incense sticks, and many more.

Belize is well renowned for its tradition of Maya Wedding. A traditional Maya wedding encloses the groom and bride with positivity and gaiety.

Belize Wedding Traditions

Weddings around the world are known for their varied and vivid traditions and customs. Belize is no different. Belizean people bestow great importance on the proper prosecution of their traditions.

Following are some of the most essential rituals that expound a Belizean marriage.

1. Placement

During the ceremony, at each Cardinal point around the altar, Copal, an incense extracted from a sacred tree in Mexico is placed.

This is an important Belize wedding Tradition of the Mayan Sect. The four nodes hold great significance as they symbolize the functioning and well-being of our physical forms.

  • Air, which is considered as North, symbolizes our breath.
  • Earth, which is considered as South, symbolizes our body
  • Fire, which is considered as East, represents our spirit.
  • And finally, Water, which is considered as West, represents our blood.

All of the four elements are lit up. This represents the uncovering of and coming alive of the directions.

2. Invocation

Next, The Mayan priest invokes the elements to grace the auspicious event with their heavenly presence and bless the bride and groom in abundance.

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It is believed that the elements have been ever-present in nature, keeping watch on all humans. When called upon, they would pivot their energies to the altar and shower their blessings upon the couple to pave a harmonious path ahead.

The Mayan priest is a person with special abilities to connect with the elements and energies of mother nature.

3. Purification

The final Belize Wedding Tradition calls for more Copal to be offered into the holy fire to purify the ceremony of the negative energies after prayers have been recited.

This Belize wedding Tradition is aimed at cleansing the auras of the bride and groom.

Aura is considered to be a field of energy surrounding our being in which negative emotions and thoughts can get stuck.

Wedding reception

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Beach destination wedding is a magical experience, and nothing tops when talking about Ambergris Caye in Belize, an absolute favorite of wedding planners.

A beautiful reception follows an astonishing wedding ceremony in Ambergris Caye, the perfect wedding destination which is only minutes away from the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world (Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System).

There are a variety of lodging options to choose from, like the Belize luxury restaurants and all-inclusive hotels located at Belize.

Other great options for a fabulous beach wedding in Belize are San Pedro, royal palm island, lighthouse reef, and south water Caye.

Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings are currently in vogue. Be it Hawaii or Mauritius, everybody is going gaga over spending their big day at a faraway dreamland. When listing the best venues, Belize must always be mentioned.

However, Belize is so much more than just a destination wedding venue, it enthralls and bewitches you with the beauty of the Belize wedding traditions, the care and utmost love with which the holy customs are carried out, and the cleansing of the couple’s aura for a happy and peaceful married life.

The spiritual facet surrounding the Belize wedding Tradition of Mayan culture enhances the spiritual upliftment of the groom and the bride, which is believed to be reflected in the cosmos.

According to a widely accepted Belize wedding Tradition, the witnesses present at the marriage ceremony are not only confined to family, friends, and the invited guests but are extended to all the creations of the almighty that encircle the couple at the auspicious event.

Belize wedding requirements

1. Residence

If neither the bride nor the groom is residents of the land of Belize, they must stay in the country for at least 72 hours or 3 days prior to applying for their marriage license.

2. Registrar’s office

Application of marriage must be submitted after 3 days of the residency period to the registrar’s office.

3. Application process

The application process calls for the production of a passport or birth certificate (original). It is also required to present proof of citizenship. Original death certificate or divorce certificate is to be provided too (if applicable). As a witness of the signing of the application, a senior justice must be present.

4. Senior justice

After the application processing tenure is over, the marriage license will be provided.

The wedding ceremony must be performed or executed by a minister belonging to a registered church or a Senior Justice of the Peace having the authority to wed people.

Two witnesses of either gender must be present.

5. Registry department

Once the wedding ceremony is completed, the registry department shall register the marriage application officially. No blood test is necessary. Parental permissions shall not be required for adults or people above 18 years of age.

What is the dress code? 

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Keeping in account the warm and relaxed atmosphere, it is advised to opt for comfortable and light clothing. A beachy look with minimal and sheer makeup would fit absolutely perfectly with the surrounding.

Do not forget a rain jacket if the special day is planned on wet seasons, between June and November, which brings forth occasional showers.

If Belize is on your checklist for celebrating your big day, in this article, we have compiled a list of every possible necessity you might want to consider.

Are there any wedding destinations you’d like us to check out? Do let us know in the comments below. We hope you enjoy a peaceful life ahead.

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