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10 Things You Learn Only If You Have Younger Siblings

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Aashna Rohira
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Younger Siblings are the other half of your soul that complete your family. Siblings are the other crazy creature that turn your house into a mad house making your parents go crazy. Jokes apart, your siblings are the most protective souls on this earth. They feel one another’s pain. If one gets hurt or is sad, the pain and grief is felt by the other one as well and they try to cheer and give hope during hard days of life. They are the happiest souls when either of them succeeds. It’s truly a blessing to have younger sibling. Having talks with the little ones gives you a different perspective of life. They share a lot of things with you because they trust you the most. They are a bundle of joy, a box of happiness and they take out the crazy side of the elder siblings by breaking their stern and serious attitude.

Here are few super awesome boons of younger siblings.

1.Your trend advisor


The younger ones are generally inclined towards following the new trend in town. So if you have younger siblings you know what I am talking about. They get you updated with all the latest trends hitting the stores, inform you about the sales and they are your shopping buddies. They love informing you about your latest trends because they want you to look superbly awesome and trendy among your oldy buddies.

2.Your Wardrobe Police


You never leave your house without asking your sibling about the dress you would wear to a party, workplace or a date. Younger siblings keeps a check that you don’t goof up with your dressing but at the same time encourage you to experiment with colours and patterns that are appropriate as per your body type. If you have a younger sister then she is a mirror to you. You can trust her to an extent that even if you fail to checkout your mirror and she gives you thumps up you can leave your house.

3.Your Secret keeper


One of the best reasons to have a sibling is that your secrets are preserved because they are your secret keepers. The elder one can share all their problems and secrets with them because you know that you will never be judged. The younger one will give you the best relationship advises.

4.You already have a baby to nurture

younger siblings

When you have younger siblings then you are generally very possessive and nurture them like your own baby. The elders love pampering them and make sure that you share everything with them. The elder siblings love irritating the younger one but the love and bond between them cannot be explained in words.

5.You become mature


When you are the elder sibling, you tend to be more responsible and mature because somewhere at the back of your mind you know that you have to act maturely in handling the situation and take care of your younger one. This feeling gets built up inherently.

6.You become role model


If you are the elder one, the younger siblings start idolizing you. They look up to you and try to match up the expectations of the family because you somewhere are the one who is in the good books of your parents. The elder siblings are generally less rebellious and calm and follow the rules set by parents. Whereas the younger ones are known as the rule breakers and rebel for everything right from toys to career.

7.You are their Besties


When you have younger siblings and especially of the same gender then the equation you share is at some different level altogether. All your secrets are shared without any hesitance and you guys give each other advice fight like besties. Your smallest of the actions are questioned and talks are very transparent between you guys. All the siblings are equally responsible for building up the family’s future. All siblings are equal contributors and share everything just like best friends do. So if you have a sibling you really need no besties because you have one right beside you in your family.

8.You always have a company at boring family gatherings


Thank God that He gave us younger siblings, as they are our angel in disguise. At family gatherings you have someone to tag along so that you don’t get bored, apart from this the eyes talk that the siblings do when they know the truth a relative fakes is just unexplainable. I know all you people who have experienced this would be having a good laugh recollecting those moments.

9.You don’t need to fake


Every sibling knows the other one from within because they have been bought up together and have been observing one another’s move. So even if the elder one tries to lie, they catch it instantly. It’s the vibes that strike the cords between them and when you see them you just feel like taking of the mask that you wore all day long at workplace. The elder one generally portrays their real side because they know they won’t be ever judged unlike the world would do.

10.You are a teacher and a guide


When you have younger siblings, the teacher in you is awaken because you feel responsible to teach them the righteous way to lead your life. You scold them and you catch hold of their ears when they act wrong just like a teacher does it to their kids. This all happens because you love them unconditionally and you cannot see them fail in the lesson of life.

I hope after reading this you’ll go and pamper your younger ones, because they have given you some real good reasons to be proud of and they are always your lucky mascots!!!

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