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Benefits of Terpineol Terpene


If you’re a regular cannabis user, you’ve probably heard of terpenes. You know they are the ones that give the scent to buds, and they are the main culprits for the distinctive aroma of weed. But did you know these aromatic compounds are much more than just a pleasant smell? 

Terpenes are organic matter found in a cannabis plant and contain a variety of different scents. They exist for a reason, and that is to create a natural repellent for insects and animals. In this way, these compounds protect the plant from danger.

Along with other elements found in cannabis, terpenes affect not only its taste but also its action. They are known to enhance the positive effects of cannabinoids, another group of beneficial compounds found in medical marijuana. Two hemp species with the same cannabinoids but different terpenes can have different effects.

Terpenes enhance cannabinoids by allowing them to enter the bloodstream quickly. That’s why some more aromatic strains have a faster effect than ‘plain’ ones. If you check any terpene guide, you’ll see that some have more specific actions, such as Terpineol. It has wide applications in cosmetics and many benefits you should know about.

Good for Skin

One of the first perks of Terpineol is a therapeutic relief to the skin. Psoriasis and eczema are two skin conditions that benefit from this aromatic compound. As well, it helps to restore and fix epidermis cells. 

Besides pleasant aroma, this terpene is known for its antioxidative properties. It protects the skin from environmental damage. When taken as a supplement, it helps in the recovery of damaged skin cells. That makes the bruises fade quicker, and the cuts heal faster.

Also, Terpineol boosts the production of collagen, which gives elasticity to the skin. It provides nourishment to elastic fibers, which start to break down with aging. This terpene is found to be excellent in absorbing UV rays. As Sun radiation is one reason for premature aging, its regular intake (through cannabis or any other plant) makes your skin look younger.

Aside from acting as an anti-aging agent, Terpineol also inhibits acne and pimples, which are the results of inflammatory processes under the skin. Along with essential fatty acids and bioflavonoids, this terpene works as a ‘killer’ of free radicals. These particles cause much damage inside the organism, causing oxidation in cells. It’s one of the contributing factors to cellular aging.

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Providing Healthy Heart

The benefits of Terpineol go far beyond merely being beneficial to your skin. Adding this aromatic compound to conventional therapy is considered very good for heart disease sufferers. It acts as a blood thinner, thereby lowering cholesterol. 

It also supports healthy circulation and regulates blood sugar levels. Keeping these parameters in normal values reduces the risk of diabetic retinopathy. It also keeps the arteries clean by preventing clots formation and is thus beneficial for clogged vessels. Taking this compound as a supplement or within medical cannabis can help in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Pain Relief

Different types of cannabis contain different amounts of Terpineol. Those that are richer in this ingredient have a sedative effect because Terpineol relaxes the body and reduces mobility. It’s the so-called ‘couchlock’ effect of some strains. That is why this terpene can act as an analgesic and has been proven to reduce pain.

Terpineol is effective in easing menstrual cramps. Due to its feature of thinning the blood, it improves blood supply to the muscles. That makes it easier for these fibers to be supplied with nutrients. Also, better circulation means that no lactic acid can deposit inside muscles, preventing cramps and spasms in people with arthritis. It also helps in decreasing the gout pain by easing the tension in lean tissues.

Terpineol is also useful in promoting bone strength, and it can be beneficial for people living with osteoporosis. It helps in the formation of connective tissue in the bones. This terpene can cut the risks of atherosclerosis as it promotes the growth of smooth, fat-free tissues.

Memory Booster

People who take Terpineol-rich cannabis can fight against memory disorders like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. If you are not a fan of smoking or vaping, you can drink cannabis tea or make it of any other plant rich in Terpineol. 

You could use at least 4 cups a day to reap the benefits, but don’t exaggerate. Too much Terpineol-rich tea may lead to indigestion. So if you want to enjoy its health benefits, limit your daily consumption of this terpene.

Eye Health

Terpineol helps in reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can cause blindness. It is due to the damage of the choroid in the eye. 

Preventing and Fighting Cancer

Terpineol is one of the few natural compounds that have shown some anti-cancerous properties. An up-to-date research has shown this terpene kills cancer cells. For more information, check this source.  In a recent study, scientists proved that Terpineol reduces the growth of cell tumors in mice. It means that ongoing research on humans is a must. Still, many positive hints are showing Terpineol’s anti-cancer properties.

All cannabis strains are beneficial. You just have to find the one which fragrance suits you. If you prefer a mild, flowery taste, opt for Terpineol-rich strains. This terpene provides a lilac-like aroma, but it also has many health benefits, supporting the health of the liver, blood vessels, skin, bones, and muscles.

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