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Berkey Water Filter – Scam or Real?


Before making any online purchases, people do some background research on the product(s) they are interested in. Shopping for water filters is no exception. We definitely encourage people to learn more about the different types of water filters—the market and their capabilities before sharing with hard-earned money.

However, when researching Berkey filters online, people may see a post referring to the “Berkey Water Filter – Scam or Real?”. So, what is the deal with it? Our Berkey water filters legal, or are they really a scam?

Big Berkey has a strong following for water filters and has been asked for many years to research the best water filter pitchers and the best under-sink water filters. The manufacturer claims that the filter can remove more contaminants than other filters; However, the unit has not been independently verified by NSF / ANSI standards such as other independent filter picks.

The truth is, Berkey Water Filters has been around for 20 years and is a top brand that offers high-end products with excellent quality. We specialize in providing clean and safe drinking water for you and your family. Let’s take a closer look at some scam claims and clear up some of these issues and doubts.


What is a Berkey Water Filter?

The Berkey Water Filter is one of the most widely used filtration systems in the world. It conforms to international standards for water filters and has been recommended by some eminent experts. It is built to work without power consumption and without adding to your plumbing system.


Additionally, the Berkeley Water Filter comes in various sizes – Light, Go, Travel, Big, Royal, Royal, and Crown – which can handle water volumes ranging from 1.50 gallons to 6.00 gallons. It can filter and reduce the amount of chlorine, pathogens, fluoride, heavy metals, and VOC in your water.

Sure, the cleanliness and safety of the water you drink are well guaranteed, and the price you pay for it is well worth it.


Benefits of Berkey Water Filters at Home

Many experts claim that the power of the Berkey water filter can be considered as a purifier. It can be used to filter non-drinking water and is very convenient when traveling.

Studies suggest that this filter can purify water coming from rivers and lakes. It can remove up to 99.9% of the various deadly elements and chemicals that come out of your water. Examples include parasites, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, mercury, benzene, chromium-6, pesticides, chlorine, drugs, and more.

Lead-contaminated water can cause poisoning and cause serious health problems in long-term use. Your material can get into your drinking water when it comes to plumbing that contains lead; This may be due to high acidity or minimal minerals in the water. Therefore, it is advisable to use the Berry Water Filter independently and without further complicated piping.

Chlorine, on the other hand, is often used by water suppliers as a cleaning agent in their water filtration system. The above material reduces the number of bacteria and viruses present in the water and proves that the number of toxins decreases, leading to urinary tract infections. Chlorine is low in price and has extra protection to prevent recontamination. Therefore, this element is called the most effective filtering agent.

Unfortunately, too much chlorine in water can also cause some problems, especially for those who have been consuming it for years. Some studies have shown that high chlorine intake can cause a person to vomit, cause coma, trigger cancer, and worsen death. But there is not enough evidence to prove these allegations. Experts are still debating and testing to show the long-term effects of chlorine.

However, the World Health Organization has set standards and limits regarding the amount of chlorine used in our water. Since there are no definite results, yet using the above material, it is better to be safe and take things in moderation.

The Berkey Water Filter ensures that the total amount of chlorine in your water does not exceed 5 mg per liter. The results showed that this filtration system could reduce the amount of chlorine from 5 mg per liter. Therefore, this product not only refreshes your water but also limits your chlorine intake.

Scientists have also proven that a Berkeley water filter can reduce or eliminate arsenic and fluoride in your water.

Although fluoride has some health benefits, its high exposure can endanger your health. Exposure to the above material increases dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, thyroid problems, neurological problems, and heart problems.

Similarly, with arsenic, overdose can lead to skin lesions, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. For a child or infant, its risk can have a particularly negative effect on cognitive development and increase adolescent mortality.

Berkey water filters can remove 95% of the above ingredients, so it is terrific to prevent such health problems. Easily, its filter elements are straightforward to clean, allowing each berry element to filter 3000 gallons of water. Besides, it can last up to 4 years with proper maintenance and care.

As mentioned earlier, this water filter comes in different sizes depending on your family’s needs. It may have a shape that you use when traveling or a crown shape that is very useful at family gatherings. It is also made from high-quality materials and is seen to be safe and effective.

Berkeley Water Filters is the latest innovation of filtration systems on the market. It has dominated other water filters such as Aquasana, Brita, Pur, and Katahdin and is well known in the portable water filter industry. Many people are satisfied with this product; It is inexpensive, transportable, and environmentally friendly.

In today’s generation, we do not know whether the food we eat and the water we drink are clean and safe or not. Due to the pollution that causes contamination of our raw products, it is rare to eat clean, fresh, and pesticide-free food. This impurity causes the number of people suffering from health problems to increase. Over time, the number of people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and other medical conditions increases.

Local governments are also vigilant as they are responsible for helping and accommodating these people, so medical bills in each country can multiply over the years. The government has funded scientists and experts to find solutions to these problems. Although tests are still ongoing, cures are slowly being discovered, and medications are being improved.

Therefore, we should do our part, try to find alternatives and buy reliable products so that more casualties do not occur. Make sure the items you buy are original and trusted brands. Class A products are useful, but if you do not want to endanger your family, it is a good idea to have an item that combines the standards and quality of a good product.

When in doubt, always seek an expert’s help and do not hesitate to ask for advice. It is good to see that the items you buy are of great quality and that their price is worth it.

Berkey Water Filter is another product to store your water and ensure that the water you eat is safe and clean.


Berkey Effectness – Too Good to be True

Berkey water filters can remove 99.99% of pathogens (including bacteria, viruses, parasites, ulcers, and harmful chemicals) and a wide range of other toxic contaminants such as chlorine, lead and pesticides found in drinking water, without removing the minerals needed to maintain good health. It can be obtained without electricity to run; This means that safe drinking water can be supplied during emergencies or camping in a remote area. But, it’s true – and there are independently certified laboratory results to support these claims. It’s not magic, and it’s the use of high-quality filter materials with a slow gravity filter process that helps deliver these great results.


Berkey – Affordable Water Filter

Assuming Berkey water filters can purify drinking water, they are cheaper than what they offer. But being so cheap makes them dissatisfied, which misleads people that such a cheap item is not a high-quality product. The fact is that Berkey water filters are designed to be inexpensive due to the lack of moving parts or electronic components, instead of being used to filter out harmful pollutants as gravity passes through the water filter. But affordability is not limited to the cost of purchasing equipment; They are very economical to use compared to their competitors or the cost of buying bottled water.


Berkey Unavailability in Iowa and California

Berkey water filter systems are not available in Iowa, and only a limited selection of Berkey products are available in California. This has affected some consumers. But the reason it is not available in these two states is that they do not need the additional certifications required by other states. At this point, Berkey cannot consider the cost of obtaining these additional certifications, and the potential business having them Will be produced. Therefore, the company does not have to be taken due to financial / business decisions, product quality/safety, or filter effect.


Berkey’s History of Neglected Dealers

Queen Victoria of England in 1835 faced growing health concerns about drinking water hazards. Typhoid and cholera were common and caused by high mortality at that time. At that time, Royal Doulton was hired to design a water filter using soil and earth materials to eliminate the diseases that cause those diseases. This led to the invention of ceramic water filters known as the Doulton Water Filters. This filter was the first of its kind in history to use gravity and was made with stoneware. The Doulton Company continued to improve and modify its water filters under the British name Burkefeld.

Their company, New Millennium Concept, partnered with British Berkefeld in 1998, then began manufacturing the “Blackberry Element” and released a range of Berkeys products with this new filter. The release is unprecedented. The demand for the product skyrocketed, and many new dealers arrived in a short period of time.

Some dealers forget to continue their success as they are achieving instant success. They ignore the value of high quality and loyal customer service and transparency to their loyal and potential customers.

Product demand per day has increased, but these neglected dealers are irresponsible. Customers who buy from these dealers become concerned when they cannot be contacted, and they start searching the internet for whether they have been scammed.

Rumors spread, and by word of mouth, the issue of the Berkey Water Filter scandal had taken place.


Search Engine Effect

Negative things always arouse public interest, and if any organization is associated with the term “scam,” it immediately becomes worth reading. Fortunately, the term “scam” is no longer associated with Google search terms, as people have not received a standard negative response.


The Bottom Line


The bottom line is that you should not trust everything you read on the Internet. Do your homework, research products by all means, but you do not need to read with the face value. Everyone has an opinion, and these may not always be well known. Therefore, when one embarks on a verification mission, it becomes a little deeper to know the truth. Berkey Water Filter is a simple but revolutionary product that can positively benefit you and your family.

Berkey systems can purify ordinary tap water and well water. However, they can also effectively purify raw, untreated water from sources such as remote lakes and rivers to a similar degree of safety. Our portable, gravity-based Berkey system provides a water safety system for drinking, cooking, and sanitation for your family in a safe environment.

Furthermore, their efficiency and energy freedom means that their water filters can be used anywhere, providing you with a clean and healthy water source regardless of the circumstances. Also, read the very independent Berkey positive reviews from the delighted customers satisfied with Berkey purchases, which speak volumes. Links to this guide in terms of claims are in the Berkey water Knowledge Base (berkeywaterkb.com), which is integrated into the FAQ section of Berkewater.com, the homepage of the New Millennium Concept.


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  1. Sksudhanshu, have YOU had the Berkey water independently tested? It is the only way to know for sure the water is safe. It is not smart to trust a company (such as Berkey) as the source of having it’s water “independently” tested.

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