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Bermuda Triangle: A Mystery Yet To Be Unveiled!


Earth in itself is composed of numerous mysteries. But the most conspicuous one is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Actually, Bermuda Triangle isn’t a concrete structure; instead, it is a chimerical one. It is the large ocean area between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. It covers roughly about 500,000 square miles of ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida.

In this area, ships sailing through or planes passing above are reported to have mysteriously vanished under odd circumstances without any trace. Here, a compass is said to lose its connectivity with the poles, and the compass shows bizarre directions in this region.

People had even speculated that it’s an area of extraterrestrial activity and that there’s extraordinary natural scientific cause for this region to be problematic; in short, it is a simple oceanic area where people have undergone plenty of adverse happenings, and that is why it is also known as the DEVIL’S TRIANGLE.

  • Why is the Bermuda Triangle mysterious?

Bermuda Triangle is a mystery in itself. No one until now can decipher its mystery. Over 1000+ ships and planes have mysteriously vanished in this area.

  • Mysterious Disappearances.

Many aircraft and ships passing through this triangular region of mystery have disappeared or met with fatal accidents for many centuries. Some of them are:

1) Flight 19: Five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers, collectively known as Flight 19, took off from the naval base Of Florida, United States, for their routine training session on the afternoon of December 1945 and strangely vanished while passing over the Bermuda Triangle.

2) PBM Martine Mariner Flying Boat: When flight 19 didn’t return to the base, the U.S. navy sent the Martine Mariner to search them out, but unfortunately, it too disappeared without any trace along with 13 men on board.

3. Flight DC – 3: On the 28th of December in the year 1948, a Douglas Dakota DC-3 NC16002 aircraft took off from Puerto Rico for Miami. When the plane was only 50 miles from the airport, it had sent out a call to indicate its final position. When there were only 20 minutes left for landing, it disappeared and was never heard of again with 26 people on board.

4) USS Cyclops: The USS Cyclops, a massive carrier ship, was set to sail in 1918 with 309 people on board and heavy cargo for Baltimore. Its last stop was in Barbados, and then it wasn’t heard of again, making it one of the largest losses of life in the Bermuda Triangle.

5) Witchcraft: Witchcraft was a 23-foot luxury cabin cruiser owned by a famous hotel owner Burrack. It is said to have disappeared when the coast guard arrived after 20 minutes of the call from Burrack for towing. His boat got hit by something while he was watching the Christmas lights.

At least 1000 lives have been lost within the last 100 years.

  • Theories

    Due to the mysterious vanishing of planes, cruisers, and ships in the vast triangular area or Bermuda Triangle, many theories have come up to describe the vanishing. Some of them are as follows:

1) The Methane Gas Theory: Methane Gas is known to have its existence below the ocean floor, trapped in the sediments in the form of methane hydrates. If it finds its way out, it can significantly reduce the density of water, causing the ships or cruisers passing over it to sink easily. And if it finds its way out towards the sky, it can cause explosions and saturate the atmosphere causing the aircraft to crash.

2) The Sargasso Sea Theory: the Sargasso Sea is an odd area in the Bermuda Triangle region without any shores. It is said to have been a trap for many sailing vessels in the past. Whenever a boat, ship, or cruise passes through this area, it becomes motionless and is later found in a derelict state or condition without a single soul on its board.

3) UFO Theory: When people didn’t reach any concrete reason behind the disappearances, they made aliens enter the scene in their flying UFOs. According to people, aliens are said to have chosen the Bermuda Triangle for their odd operations. Aliens were regarded as the reason behind the strange disappearances.

4) Atlantis: Atlantis, the lost city of gold too, comes in the queue. The legendary city of Atlantis is said to have sunk somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. According to the beliefs, the Atlantians (people who were the inhabitants of The Atlantis) are said to have developed an extremely brilliant technology. Somehow, the remnants of it were active on its ocean floor. This technology has interfered with the instruments and machinery of planes, ships, or boats, causing them to sink.

  • The Survivors

1) A pilot who claimed to have come out alive from the Bermuda Triangle said that while flying through that area, he lost 28 minutes by passing through a time-warped tunnel and directly emerged on a Miami beach.

2) Bruce Gernor said that he encountered a strange cloud or a tunnel-shaped vortex while flying his Bonanza 360 over the Bahamas to Bimini. His plane’s functionality malfunctioned. As he was about to come to the end of the tunnel, he expected to see a clear blue sky with the sun shining overhead; instead, he saw a dull greyish white for miles. After seeing every watch on board, he realized that he was 75 minutes earlier than any other normal flight over Miami.

There are numerous other theories related to the Bermuda Triangle, but nobody knows how true they are.

Many mysteries and secrets remain to be revealed about the dead-end or the Devil’s Triangle.


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