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8 Best Qualities Of A Good Friend

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Have you ever wondered what the qualities of a good friend are? Let us find out. 

Friendship is a long-term connection and commitment because what would our life be without friends in it? Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Finding friends is a difficult task for many, but for some, it seems very easy.

It is because some people can recognize the qualities of a good friend in a refined manner. Whether you are someone’s friend or want someone to be your friend, you should always identify certain qualities that make a person a better friend.

We may know a lot of people, but not everyone is our friend. And good friendships are always mutual, followed by a great sense of understanding that makes it special.

One cherishes great friends for a lifetime. And every friend has their own set of unique personalities and significant qualities.

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The kind of relationship we share with a friend becomes an important part of our life. This is why it is important for both parties involved to have equal contribution towards building the relationship.

For longer-lasting friendships, our behavior has a grand role to play. It greatly affects the dynamics of friendship to be built.

So, this post will introduce you to the top 8 defining qualities of a good friend. You may check them for yourself or for the people you call friends. Let us check the qualities then, shall we?

Best 8 Qualities of a Good Friend

There are certain essential qualities that help a person become a better friend, the closest friend. Sometimes we make the best friend out of a person with whom we never expected anything to happen. And that is the beauty of different types of friendship that exist.

Following are the defining qualities of a good friend; keep them in check.

1. A Good Friend Is Trustworthy

Trust is the most important element in any relationship. It is one of the pillars on which the foundation of a friendship is laid. Not everyone is worthy of your trust, but a true friend always is.


To be a good friend, one must be trustworthy. There are friends or people we only trust as far we can see them, which doesn’t make them fit in the category of close friends.

A good friend or a close friend is the one whom we can trust with our life. We share our deepest, darkest secrets & fears with them because we are certain that our secrets are safe with them till the end of life.

The most reliable friend is a friend who you can trust no matter what.

2. A Good Friend is Non-Judgemental

In life, all of us at some point commit mistakes. We all have our unfortunate moments, times when we do something silly or stupid. And in those moments, we so deeply wish that no one judge us for our actions.

We do make mistakes in life, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. And during those times, what we need most is to be surrounded by people who help us be better instead of judging us.

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And some of those people are our good friends. A good friend never judges us for what we did, instead helps us realize what we should do next to rectify our mistake.

There are moments of our immature rants when we want someone to listen without any judgments. And a good friend very well does that for us. It is one of the best qualities of a good friend.

Life is better with friends who never make us feel guilty for the things we did unintentionally. These are the people with whom we can be our true selves; we do not have to impress them. We do not have to fear being judged for what we are wearing, how we look, how we sit, or even how we dance.

3. Presence: A Good Friend Is Always There For You

One of the most superior qualities of a good friend is their commitment to being present. Some friends are only there with you when things are convenient. But only a good friend is there with you through thick & thin.

A true friend will never turn their back on you, no matter what. During your good times, they are with you, and they even stick with you during your worse times. True friends will never let you take care of things alone.

You will find them standing right next to you whenever you need them to be. Whether it is 3 in the morning or 6, true friends are just always a phone call away from you.

Even if that means they have to walk into hellfire with you, they will because a good friend is committed to their friendship.

4. Listener: A Good Friend Is Also a Good Listener

It is important to be a good listener in any relationship. And being a good listener is definitely one of the best qualities of a good friend.

It doesn’t matter how many times they have heard you rant over the same things; they will still listen. Good friends are never tired of hearing our stories.

They will listen to your rant, and they will listen to your fears & dreams and even to your ridiculous stories. Most people are always at the speaking end of a conversation. However, it has to be a two-way street. It is very crucial to be listening to the person in front of you.

And a good friend understands that very well. Being a good listener shows care and affection. This is why it is fundamentally important for all to be good listeners.

5. Honesty: A Good Never Lies

Honesty is one of the strongest pillars of friendship. A person who isn’t honest & loyal can never make a good friend. So, we can clearly say honesty is among the defining qualities of a good friend.

People do say a lot about honesty, but how many of them actually live by their words? And the ones who do always make a better friend. Honesty brings transparency, trust to any friendship.

Friendship with someone who is honest is long-lasting and genuine, and one can be sure of it. The feelings of an honest friend never have to be doubted because they are right in front of you. Honest friends have nothing to hide.

And they would never pretend to be someone else. So to be a good friend, be honest, be bold.

6. Caring: A Good Friend Is One Who Cares

A good friend is someone who cares about you the most. They care about your health, your happiness, and everything else. They will love you at your best and your worst. And they will never hurt your feelings.

Being caring is, therefore, one of the most important qualities of a good friend. Not only do they love you, but they keep reminding you to love yourself enough.

A caring friend supports you through everything in life. They comfort you during difficult times and take a stand for you when needed. They are like a constant reminder of love. They will always put your feelings ahead of anything else.

7. A Good Friend Is Always Encouraging

Not everyone wishes the best for you, which is exactly what sets a good friend aside. Being encouraging is one of the top qualities of a good friend. And not everyone has that quality.

A good friend encourages you to become better people because they believe in your abilities. They believe in your dreams. They believe in your efforts. And to achieve big in life, we need that belief, and we need that encouragement.

Throughout life, they keep encouraging you & boost your confidence when you are feeling low. They help you see your abilities and helps you build your dreams.

They are like your personal cheerleader, who you will find at the front row rooting for you always.

8. A Good Friend Has a Protective Nature

Coming to the end of our article, among the qualities of a good friend, the next one has a protective nature.

A good friend comes with a protective nature. They tend to protect us from any harm that might come our way. They have a natural tendency to be protective towards you.

They will act as a shield to anything that might cause you any harm.

Every friend brings along different qualities into the friendship. However, the above-mentioned qualities of a good friend are those we usually find in our friends. And always remember, quality is above quantity.

Even if you have got just one friend with all these qualities, consider yourself very lucky. And if you want to find a good friend with all these qualities, first make an effort to be one yourself.

Give a glance at your own qualities. Check if you are a good friend yourself or not because friendship is always a two-way street. You very well have to fulfill your part too, because that is how it works with relationships. So spend time with your true friends, and be good to them too. Acknowledge their presence in your life before it too late for you to realize.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to see the dynamics of a good friendship. Now you know how a recognize a true friend from the crowd.

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