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16 Best New Things to Try Now

New things to try
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Looking for new things to try? It is that time of the year, so keep scrolling to know more.  

People say it’s good to have variety in life. It acts like that spice which makes our life more interesting and fulfilled. And in order to have variety in life, we must always look for new things to try.

Moreover, it is also fun to have a few new things to try. Because being stuck to the old regular routine, might make our lives dull and boring. So, having new experiences will certainly have a positive effect on our lives.

Well, how often do you make up your mind to try something new? Usually, we do that in our new years’ resolutions. But why wait for the end of the year when we can do it now.

But where to start? What to do? You might be falling short on ideas for new things to try, but that’s why we are here. We are here to help you with some exciting ideas.

In this article, we have created a list of many amazing new things to try ASAP. So, spice up your life, make the decision, and get started by ticking off all the new things to try from this list.

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1. Try Maintaining a Journal

Photographer: Tine/Flickr @all rights reserved

One of the easiest yet creative ideas of new things to try is maintaining a journal. You can jot down anything of your liking, from travel stories, your daily feelings to your favorite lyrics or poetry. It can be anything from random thoughts to crafted poetry.

It has also been referred to as a good mental health exercise because keeping a journal helps you process your thoughts and emotions better. You can make a travel journal if you travel a lot. Or maybe a daily life journal, where you jot down details of each day.

You may use words, sketches, pictures, or anything you feel represents your emotions and thoughts. Just record everything you want.

2. Develop a Habit of Reading Books

For those who are not much inclined towards reading books or novels, developing a habit of reading books can be on the top of their list of new things to try.

Photographer: Jason Grose/Flickr @all rights reserved


Books are known to be your best friend, and there’s a very good reason why you should try reading. This is because reading books helps develop better qualities in a person. It helps develop a sense of confidence, makes your mood better, reduces stress, and even develops patience and concentration.

Once you develop the habit of reading books, it will get very relaxing and refreshing. So, if you are someone who is not at all into books, well, it’s never too late. Start now.

Perks of reading books:

  • Imparts Knowledge: Whether you read fiction or non-fiction, both will certainly provide you with a great deal of knowledge.
  • Builds Confidence: Reading books help shape your character and build confidence to a great extent.
  • Reduces Stress: Books are a great distraction. Reading good books can help keep your negative thoughts away.

3. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

If you are someone who loves pets, what a great new thing to try would be than being a volunteer at an animal shelter.

Photographer: Bloomberg Service/Flickr @all rights reserved


There are so many street animals or abandoned animals who are constantly in need of care and love. So, do right by them. Join as a volunteer at any nearby animal shelter.

You will definitely feel proud of yourself. Because in today’s date, when most animals face abuse, cruelty, and pain by other human beings, you, on the other hand, will be helping them.

4. Take a Road Trip

If you are someone who has a hectic work life, who is always too busy with work, then from the list of new things to try, the next one is definitely for you.

How about you go on a road trip?


Photographer: Beverly Yuen Thompson/Flickr @some rights reserved

Well, travel has many benefits, and we all know it. And one of the best reasons to travel is that it is a journey into yourself. The joy that traveling brings helps you see things from a different perspective and enables you to discover yourself.

And on road trips, there’s a good chance to meet a new version of yourself. So, why not take the road trip you always wanted to but couldn’t because of other commitments?

If you’re riding solo, it opens up bigger opportunities for you in life. It opens your mind to other things in life. And the experience will certainly be relaxing and refreshing.

Also, you will get the chance to have some great pictures for your photo album. 

5. Set a Picnic Table

How often do we bring all our friends and family together to do something fun? These days we are all so busy with ourselves that we don’t get much time to spend with our loved ones.

So, how about bringing everyone together over a small picnic in your local park?

Photographer: R Barraez D’Lucca/Flickr @some rights reserved

Plan a picnic all by yourself, bring a change to your regular life. This can be a great start to try something new.

6. Learn a New Language

This one is the most picked activity by people looking for new things to try. Because you do not have to do much for this. Neither do you have to go to some foreign place, nor you have to join a course.

Photograph by: The Conversation/Flickr @some rights reserved

You can learn a new language any day now and that too at the comforts of your home. Many apps now make it easy for you to learn different languages, including French, German, Russian, and others.

You can learn from popular apps like DuoLingo or Memrise.

Perks of knowing more than one language:

People who learn new languages or speaks more than one language have-

  • ability to multi-task
  • improved memory
  • better listening skills
  • critical-thinking skills

7. Try a New Dish or a Strange Recipe

There might be a few dishes you’ve always heard about but never tried, right? How about giving that a go?

Photographer: Alpha/Flickr @some rights reserved

Or even better, try a weird recipe or a strange food combination. Give your taste buds a surprise.

Also, trying new dishes is mostly on people’s bucket lists, so it’s a great chance to tick that off.

8. Try Out a Bold New Hairstyle

For how long do you have the same hairstyle? A year, two, or even more than that? Well, maybe it’s time to try something new. How about getting a new hairstyle for the matter of new things to try?

Photographer: Ray Dumas/Flickr @some rights reserved


People usually get a thrill out of doing a makeover or changing their hairstyle. So, this can certainly be your new thing to try. Moreover, studies show that making a significant change in your appearance can be a soothing experience, as they tend to become more comfortable in their own skin.

However, we are not always mentally ready to make a big change, right? And bold haircuts are a big change. So if you have ever felt too timid to make that change, do it this time.

9. Try Your Hands on a New Sport

Your hectic life can make it hard to find time for some new outdoor sports. But this time, don’t let your busy schedule stop you from doing something new. Pick a new sport, anything you love, and try your hands on it.

Photographer: RonAlmog/Flickr @some rights reserved


Whether it is a single-person sport or a team sport, please make up your mind and go for it. Because you will have a great time while doing it. Playing a new sport is always exciting and exhilarating.

And it is never too late to learn, no matter how old you are. It will always make you feel good.

10. Swap Your Regular Drink For Something Different

So what is your regular drink? Whatever it is, try swapping it with something new for a week. For instance, if you are a coffee person, change your coffee cup for a cup of green tea.

Photographer: Marco Verch/Flickr @some rights reserved

This one can be a bit challenging because it is not easy to change your regular food or drinking habits all of a sudden. But it would be fun to see for yourself how well you pull it off.

You can try it for a week or two, maybe, depending on how far you are willing to go.

11. Try Something You’re Scared of

Now, this is one of the most interesting new things to try. Conquering your fears is a bit of a challenge, and you should definitely be doing this.

Why? Because it will help you grow.


Photograph by: Sean MacEntee/Flickr @some rights reserved

It can be anything, anything as simple as letting yourself fall in love. Ask yourself what the things you are most afraid of doing, make a list. And then try doing the things one after another.

Challenge yourself to conquer your fears.

12. Write a Letter

In a world where the internet does everything in just a few seconds, how about doing some old-school tricks? Can you remember when the last time you wrote a hand-written letter to someone was?

Photographer: Everfalling/Flickr @some rights reserved

Keep your phone texts aside, and for a change, pick up pen and paper and jot down your feelings. Write a letter to someone, a friend, family, or a loved one. Express your feelings and gratitude towards them.

A gift of true words is by far the best thing to gift someone. So, try writing a letter this time instead of sending texts or emails.

13. Learn How to Make a Cool Drink

Mocktails are so fun and refreshing, and we spend a lot buying these drinks. So how about for the matter of new things to try, you try and learn how to make a good mocktail?

Photographer: Club Soda Guide/Flickr @some rights reserved

A self-made mocktail can be a delightful experience. Moreover, learning how to make a fine glass of cocktail can help you save money; after all, buying mocktails get so expensive.

Plus, learning how to make booze-free tasty drinks can come in handy when you have a party at your place. You won’t need to spend extra bucks on ordering drinks; you can now make it yourself.

14. Join a Club

People these days are busier than ever, and although there are various ways to stay connected with each other online, people still feel alone at times. And the best way to deal with this is by joining some creative club.

Photograph by: Culture Republic/Flickr @some rights reserved

Studies and research have shown that people who are part of strong social communities remain more healthy and happy. Joining such groups, talking to other people, sharing stories awakens a sense of belongingness.

People feel less alone than ever. You may start joining any such creative group that brings like-minded people together. During the group sessions, people usually talk, discuss important matters or play board games.

Join one such group now to create a positive aura around you.

15. Do a Blind Wine Tasting Test

If you are a wine person, this activity can be on your list of new things to try. Try hosting a blind wine tasting test with your friends.

Photographer: Nick Webb/Flickr @some rights reserved


Put yourself and your friends into this blind sipping test, and see who knows their wine well. Pick up wines with the perfect blends, and let your taste buds do the work.

Identify the taste, its aroma, and, if possible, the flavors and brand. And as for the winner, he gets the take the rest of the bottles home. This activity can turn up to be very fun and exciting.

16. Go For a Digital Detox

Well, this one is our personal favorite from the many new things to try. Now you may ask what is a digital detox and how to do it? It is simple; all you have to do is get rid of your digital life, as in ditching your electronic devices.

Photograph by: Forth With Life/Flickr @some rights reserved

To do a digital detox, you have to challenge yourself to spend a day without any of your devices, including your tablet, phone, and computer.

This might be tough, but once in a while, it is important because it helps break your inclination towards your smartphones. Taking a break from your digital life will also offer you some time off with friends and family.

So that is all on our list of new things to try. Let us know if you have tried any of these things. And also, if there’s anything interesting you want to add to this list of new things to try, do tell.

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