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   Best Apps for Parents to Monitor Their Kids

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No matter whether you are at home or having a party with friends the security of your family including wife, parents or beloved children is the priority. Thanks to this digital era for availing us the incredible applications to track or monitor your children. Here are the best apps for parents to monitor their kids or other beloved ones.  

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Have you ever wished to know where your kids are? Or, where they have been? By using Footprints, you can monitor your children and provide locations among your friends or family members. This is an automatic procedure, whether you hold the cellphone in your hand or into your pocket. It is the result of such a clear and user-friendly interface.

Footprints assist you to locate where your kids have moved with the cellphone. In case, they are traveling alone, you can double check their specific location. This location sharing information is just limited to anyone who has access to it.


This outstanding safety application is a life saving for parents. It detects the normal text messages, emails and other social media networks as the mark for security. Its powerful algorithms are capable enough to notify the issues like depression, cyber threats involving bullying, etc., to parents by analyzing the kid’s cellphone. It doesn’t only send alerts to the parents, it also recommends the best solution to get rid of it. Until now, these applications have stopped almost 33 suicide intentions by notifying parents.

Family Tracker

If you have an application for tracking then why to only monitor your kid. You can also track the whole family and make them stand away from threats. This application will provide the whole whereabouts of the family members. All it requires is to accept the one time request send for tracking that person through their mobile. It leverages the messaging feature built inside the cell phone apart from the standard messaging one.

You can set up an alarm on the mobile phone to get the attention of your kids. It costs you $5.99 when you buy this application. It is available for both platforms Android and IOS.


Like the other tracking applications, SecuraFone provides you the real-time location of your child. But except that it has a plus feature that it can let you know the driving speed of your child. It will be based on your mobile’s in-built GPS feature. It will notify you when the child will cross the defined area.

You can check the history of the previous 90 days through the website and get data maintained in the form of reports. Downloading is free of cost but the enjoy its services the subscription is required.


FindMyKids application is specially designed for the parents to get the notifications of the child activities. You will be able to fetch the child’s live location and will get notified if he/she crosses the bounded area. It includes Geofencing technology. This application is available for both iOS and Android users. You can rely on this application blindly as they are COPPA certified.

It allows you to listen every sound around your kid by activating the microphone. You can save the audio file for the safety purpose. And also, if your child is not answering your call then there will be a loud alarm in his or her phone. This feature will work even if your child’s phone is on silent mode. Go ahead with this app and make your kid secure.


RespondASAP application is different from others. It is mainly designed to use when your kid is not picking up your calls. If your child is not picking your call then his or her cell phone screen will be blocked and then there will be a loud alarm. The child has to call you back to unlock the phone. It is the best way to get keep in touch with the child.

When the phone is locked, the emergency call on 911 can be made. This app is available for the Android users and soon its IOS version will be available.

Thus, you can see how these incredible applications are assisting us by availing tracking and monitoring like security features. All you need is to buy them, install them and you have the solution for the most important aspect- security.

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