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10 Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

best english speaking holiday destinations
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A well-curated list for travelers and wanderers of best English speaking holiday destinations!

Everyone loves traveling, there are always potential destinations we have in mind the next time we want to go abroad, or it may also be your first time. That is even more exciting!

One of the most significant issues while making travel plans to foreign countries is the language barrier that we have to overcome.

There are many countries where English is spoken as an unofficial language or an adjacent language to the national language.

But let us look at countries where English is the official language.

Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations:

  1. Australia:

    Everyone loves Australia for the unique memes made on the weird and daring things Australians do. The jumping boxing Kangaroos and the large sprinter Emu are some of the individual animals that are part of the biodiversity of Australia.

    Having a very long ancient aboriginal history, Australia was settled by the British and utilized as a prison colony. One of the best English speaking holiday destinations, you have everything you want to see in Australia, ultramodern cities, forests, island adventures, deserts, beaches, mountains, etc.

    When in Australia, do not forget to try the Pavlova, a meringue-based dessert as you sip coffee in a sweet little cafe.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  2. Barbados:

    An island country in the West Indies, Barbados is one of the best English speaking holiday destinations. Part of the British Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth II, Barbados, is equally popular among tourists from around the world.

    The country is noted for its reggae and hip-hop style music, Rihanna is from Barbados. Also famous for its multicultural blended cuisine from Indian, British, Creole, and African elements, if you are in Barbados, try out the Mount Gay Rum branded rum and spirits.

    Barbados also has a vast jungle which houses biodiversity and tribal population. Although strolling through the forest might not be a good idea. When in Barbados, enjoy the beaches and the marine life of the island as you scuba dive or cruise through the vast blue Pacific.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  3. Republic of Ireland:

    The Republic of Ireland, also called Ireland, is a country part of the island of Ireland and bordered to Northern Ireland, part of the UK. The geography of Ireland is well known for the presence of green landscapes, mountains, creeks, valleys, and forests. A heaven for a forest and biodiversity enthusiast.

    Ireland is also one of the most expensive and best English speaking holiday destination. The culture of Ireland covers many fields and disciplines like literature, music, architecture, sports, etc. Do try the traditional full Irish breakfast and Guinness for an alcoholic drink. Also, do not forget to take home the trademark Irish Whiskey.

    Since the Republic of Ireland shares a land border with Northern Ireland, you can always choose to travel/explore more and catch a train from Dublin to Belfast. Northern Ireland is a tiny country, part of the UK, and famous for being the setting of the HBO show, Games of Thrones.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  4. The Bahamas:

    Another island nation consisting of more than 700 islands in the West Indies region of the Caribbean, The Bahamas is one of the most popular and best English speaking holiday destinations. The island country has some of the most beautiful beaches, natural aquatic formations, and forests in the world.

    Diversity is a mix of American, British, and African cultures and backgrounds. If you are holidaying during New Year’s, do not miss the traditional Afro-Bahamian dance, Junkanoo.

    The cuisine of Bahamas derives influence from Caribbean cuisine, so do not forget to try the very delicious and uniquely prepared seafood along with a big glass of cocktails like The Bahama Mama.

    If you have the interest, dedicate some time to learn about the folklore, traditions, and beliefs of the Bahamian people, like the tales of the chickcharney creatures of The Bahamas.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  5. Singapore:

    The sovereign state of Singapore does not have just one single official language, but four of them. But English is the lingua franca. Being the 5th most popular destination in the world, Singapore is one of the best English speaking holiday destinations.

    A melting pot of multiple cultures, Singapore is famous for its theme parks, luxury resorts, islets, botanical gardens, casinos, and cultural events. Singapore is considered a place with one of the lowest crime and corruption rates.

    When in Singapore, do try the street food. It features Indian, Malay, Chinese, European, and Thai delicacies. Also, try Peranakan cuisine. Some famous tourist attractions are the Singapore Zoo, River Safari theme park, and the Night Safari. And yes, do not forget to get a memorable picture with the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands in the background.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  6. Gibraltar:

    A British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula just south of Spain. English is the official language of Gibraltar, but Spanish is also widely spoken.

    The landscape of Gibraltar is noted for the Rock of Gibraltar, a sizeable Jurassic limestone carving, on the top of the rock is a nature reserve abundant with unique wildlife and flora. The other highlight of Gibraltar is the shoreline on the beaches of which you can relax on a beautiful cold breezy evening.

    Being a colony of various cultures, nationalities, and religions, you can visit the Mosque, the Church, and the Hindu temple. Also, a popular online gambling destination for rich folks, Gibraltar, can leave you with smiles and tears. Since Gibraltar shares a land border with Spain, you can also plan a quick trip across the border with an appropriate visa.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  7. New Zealand:

    Australia’s neighbor, the small island country of New Zealand, is noted for its polarizing and breathtaking landscape and topography. Being the last piece of land to be inhabited by humans, New Zealand now consists of a dominant European ancestral population and Maori population.

    One of the best English speaking holiday destinations, NZ, is a very safe, liberal & economically developed country. New Zealand is lined with snow-capped mountain peaks and volcanoes.

    Apart from them, there is enormous biodiversity native to the country in the sprawling forests. Do try the native Maori cuisine and seafood when you are in New Zealand.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  8. Hawaii:

    Part of the United States as an independent state but located out of the mainland, Hawaii is one of the best English speaking holiday destinations in the world. Hawaii is a well known and popular tourist destination.

    Its landscape consists of active volcanoes and hills, dense biodiversity-rich jungles and warm tropical breathtaking beaches that will give you a view to die for. Hawaiian cuisine is a potent blend of the American, East Asian, and several Polynesian cultures.

    Enjoy your laulau while sipping a cool Mai-Tai as you look down on the ocean and the setting sun casting its orange hue in the atmosphere.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  9. Belize:

    A country on the northeastern coast of Central America and bordered to the north by Mexico, Belize has been a British colony from 1840. English, Spanish, and Belizean Creole are the languages spoken.

    Belize is covered by a dense forest with vast biodiversity, flora, mountains, and drainage basin, but exploring it is not advised since it is also a transit route for drug dealers. One of the best English speaking holiday destinations, Belize, is famous for the Belize Barrier Reef, which is called the second largest coral reef in the world.

    Therefore, it is a popular destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports. The cuisine of Belize is an amalgamation of Mexican, West Indian, Central American, and European food. Vibe to traditional Belizean music like Punta while you are enjoying delicious Belizean soups and tortillas.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

  10. South Africa:

    The southernmost country in the continent of Africa and the second most economically developed nation in Africa. South Africa is called the rainbow nation due to the country’s multicultural diversity, ethnicity, and the number of official languages recognized eleven!

    English is commonly spoken, and therefore, it is one of the best English speaking holiday destinations in the world. The geography of South Africa has everything you would want to find in a country, a range of mountains with peaks, a very long coastline with beaches.

    Perhaps South Africa is best known for the vast stretches of jungles and the biodiversity that it nurtures, with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. If you want to go to a jungle safari, South Africa is the place you want to be in, the South African Lion, rhino, and Giraffe will mesmerize you.

    Best English Speaking Holiday Destinations

There are many more countries in which English is spoken and can be added to this list of best English speaking holiday destinations.

Which of the above countries have you been to for a holiday getaway? How was the experience? Which places did you like the best? Did you experience the culture?

Describe everything in the comments below and assist your fellow travelers!

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