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Best Pet Cat Home Automation Products That You Never Knew Existed

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Time is a precious commodity and it’s a waste to use it on things that can be done with the help of home pet automation for cats. The same story goes for taking care of pets. Why pick up their litter, open the door for them from time to time, or worry about the freshness of their food when there are products that can automatically do these tasks for you?

Take advantage of the automated world and make your life easier. Those who travel often and spend most of their time away from home will surely benefit from these products.

Best Pet Cat Home Automation Products That You Never Knew Existed 1

Product List

1.) Automatic Litter Box: Litter Robot 3 Open Air

Litter Robot 3 has a self-cleaning mechanism that will save you from all the trouble of scooping up your cat’s litter around the house. This is a good buy for your household if you don’t have the energy and time to spend on cleaning your cat’s litter after you get home from work. This is also a great accessory for those who are often out of town since they don’t have to worry about litter piling up in unknown places in the house.

Its open-air design helps prevent cats from feeling trapped while using the litter robot. It has a large entryway and a spacious room big enough for large cats. Those with 2 or more cats at home won’t have to worry about buying a lot of litter boxes because a single unit of Litter Robot 3 is designed for households with multiple cats.

Despite its open-air design, you can rest assured that odor will not seep out from the litter box, thanks to its self-cleaning system. Waste materials are automatically sorted into a receptacle below the litter area, trapping any unwanted odor from your cat’s litter. You also don’t have to check the waste drawer every time because there’s a LED indicator that lights up when the receptacle is full.

You don’t need additional accessories or separate parts to set up in order to make the Litter Robot 3 work. All you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet and let it do its wonders.

2.) Ani Mate Electromagnetic Pet Door

Those who have trouble controlling their pets’ movement in and out of the house can benefit from the Ani Mate Electromagnetic Pet Door’s features. This pet door works with a small electromagnetic key which you can attach to your pet’s collar. When your pet gets near the Ani Mate Pet Door, the transparent flap will unlock, allowing them to freely pass through. This prevents strays from entering your home because they won’t be able to use the pet door without the key.

The Ani Mate Electromagnetic Pet Door also features a 4-way locking mechanism which allows you to control how the pet door is used. It can be set to allow free passage both in and out of the house, entry into the house only, exit out of the house only, or you can have it totally locked so your pets can’t enter or exit the house through the pet door.

The Ani Mate Electromagnetic Pet is suitable for both cats and dogs. It uses a 9V battery which can last up to a year of use. The electromagnetic key, on the other hand, doesn’t require batteries to run.

3.) Ergo Systems Auto Open Bowl Feeder

Flies usually perch on leftover food on your pet’s bowl, spreading germs that can cause harmful diseases. Aside from this, there’s dirt, hair, and other foreign objects that have no business being in your pet’s food.

A way to prevent foreign objects from getting into your pet’s food is by having the food bowl covered when your pets are not around. The Ergo Systems Auto Open Bowl Feeder is a lidded container that automatically opens up when your pet gets near it. A sensor detects when your pets are away, sending a signal to the feeder to close the lid and keep the food fresh and safe from unwanted particles.

4.) Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier

If you like to travel and bring your pet with you, you should have a carrier that prioritizes your pet’s comfort during the trip. The Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier automatically heats up or cools down to normalize the temperature changes that happen outside the carrier. It has sensors that automatically adjust the heat inside the carrier to complement the ideal temperature your pets need to stay comfortable during travel.

This pet carrier also features an LCD control panel that helps you monitor its status. The accessory is supported by overload and temperature protectors to ensure your pet’s safety. To operate, the carrier needs to be plugged into either a 110-volt wall outlet or a car’s power outlet.


There are other products that can automate tasks similar to what we’ve discussed above. They all help save time on chores that could have been spent on more productive activities. If you haven’t gotten one for your home, we suggest you get at least one that works best for your situation. We’re sure it will help you focus on things that matter most: the time you spend bonding with your pets.


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