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11 Best Place To Live In New Zealand

New Zealand

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New Zealand is one of the most popular countries in the world, famous for its breathtaking beauty. It is considered to be a dream destination not only for visiting but also for living. Not just a few, there are almost 11 places that can be considered as the best place to live in New Zealand. New Zealand is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and is an island country. New Zealand is present at the bottom of the world and is a small country in terms of area.

New Zealand is a diverse country with mountains, deserts, beaches, islands, rainforests, glaciers, and plains. Because of this diversity, its temperature also varies a lot from one region to another. New Zealand is divided into two parts- North Island and South Island. Besides these North and South islands, New Zealand also comprises lots of smaller islands. New Zealand is a sunny country with a moderate temperature. Neither summers nor winters are too hot or too cold.

It is a very peaceful country with a significantly less population. As much as there is diversity in the geographical pattern of the country, it has cultural diversity also because of immigration. To search for the best place to live in New Zealand is a difficult call. Many places can find a place in your best place to live in New Zealand list. Come, take a look at them, and then update your dream list.

North Island Vs. South Island:

North Island

Even though these two parts belong to New Zealand only, they are still very different from each other in many aspects. South Island is larger and colder than North Island. On South Island, we have mountains, fjords, and glaciers, whereas North Island has more plains and beaches. North Island has more cities as compared to the South Island.

The most populated and significant cities, Auckland and Wellington, are situated on North Island. It has some spectacular bays like the Bay of Islands and bay of plenty. We will discuss them further in the blog. If you move towards South Island, you would see the famous lake country, Queenstown, and cities Christchurch, and Dunedin.

South Island

As North Island has the two largest cities in New Zealand, it is more developed infrastructurally. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, so all the major government institutions and functionaries are present here. All the other smaller cities of North Island like Napier, Hamilton, and Rotorua won’t let you down and are the major hubs that flaunt the Maori culture beautifully.

North Island comprises almost 76% of the population of New Zealand. As already inferred, South Island does not hold a lot of population and thus does not involve any major city events. You cannot have the city feels on South Island. Rather, South Island is more about its scenic beauty and landscapes.

You can still find many classy restaurants in Queenstown of South Island. South Island has more adventurous sports activities. If you want to get the city feels and get to know the Maori culture, you should go for North Island but if you need peace and prefer sightseeing and adventurous activities, go for South Island.

Best Place to Live in New Zealand- North Island:

Wellington city North Island

North Island offers many places to live in New Zealand that can fit your lifestyle perfectly. As already mentioned, New Island is more on the developed side as compared to the South Island. In this blog, we will tell you about those seven best place to live in New Zealand on North Island.

1. Auckland:

Auckland is undoubtedly the best place to live in New Zealand. It is the largest and the most developed city in New Zealand. It is the major and the most popular hub of tourist attraction. The job opportunities in Auckland are plenty. It has everything from incredible and awesome restaurants, beaches, theatres, shopping complexes to parks, and educational institutions. But due to all these factors, the prices of housing are a bit on the higher side. Apart from this, Auckland has everything you can ask for!

2. Wellington:

the lonely planet has named Wellington the ‘coolest little city in the world.’ It is the capital of New Zealand and is home to 10% population of New Zealand. It has the best restaurants, cafes and many cultural heritages. It is famous for its beaches, oceans, and gardens and can unquestionably be considered the best place to live in New Zealand.

Wellington has three top educational institutes and has also been declared as the most educated city of New Zealand. The cost of living is 12% lesser than the cost of living in London, and most of the accommodations flaunt the exotic scenery.

3. Napier:

Napier is one of the cheapest cities in New Zealand and is the best place to live in New Zealand if your budget does not fit the high-cost cities of New Zealand. The job opportunities depend on what type of work you refer to. It has everything you can ask for leisure activities. The weather also inclines a bit towards the warmer side as compared to Auckland.

4. Rotorua:

Rotorua is affordable as compared to its neighboring cities like Auckland and Tauranga in terms of housing, gas, and health services. It is situated in the center of North Zealand, making it the best place to live in New Zealand. Due to its location, it has lesser traveling charges and is the most famous tourist spot throughout the year, presenting abundant jobs.

5. Tauranga:

Tauranga is a staggering seaside city and has boosted as a public destination over the last few years. It is the sixth-largest city in new Zealand in terms of population. Due to the climate and laid out lifestyle of Tauranga, it is very preferred amongst the older generation (around 60 – 65 years) and is the best place to live in New Zealand after retirement.

6. Hamilton:

Hamilton is a city with a stunning view located on the banks of the Waikato River. It is the best place to live in New Zealand if you are looking for greenery and a peaceful environment. Hamilton is also famous for its science and education institutions. The agriculture sector is the most prominent here and offers a lot of job opportunities. It is located only at a distance of 1.5 hours from Auckland and offers plenty of jobs. The cost of living is also lesser than the living expenses in Auckland and wellington.

7. New Plymouth:

New Plymouth is no doubt the best place to live in New Zealand North Island if you are tired and sick of getting stuck in the rushing traffic. There are not many shopping complexes and developed buildings, but you can always go for online shopping. The price of living is a bit on the costlier side, but the scenic beauty and calmness of this place are enough to make as one of the desired destinations for living.

Best Place to Live in New Zealand- South Island:

Queenstown city New Zealand

As already mentioned above, South Island does not have a lot of population living in it. It is more of a tourist attraction destination to visit. But still, there few cities that can be a part of your dream checklist of the best place to live in New Zealand. We will tell the top 4 cities here in this blog of South Island that can be a perfect blend of peace and opportunities. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Queenstown:

You can choose this as the best place to live in New Zealand without thinking twice. Queenstown is a perfect place for all age groups. Due to its popularity amongst the tourists all year long, it has an ample amount of job in the tourism sector. The cost of living in Queenstown is expensive. Queenstown is known for its adventure sports. If you are looking for a relaxed life, Queenstown has it all!

2. Christchurch:

Christchurch is set up on the banks of the Avon River. It is in its redevelopment stage due to the natural disaster in 2011. Still, the city base is going strong and has attracted a lot of tourists recently. Suburbs are the best place to live in New Zealand. It is not a very big city, so public transport is no issue at all. Beaches, reserves, and gardens, you name it, Christchurch has everything. Well also, if you are a foodie, it is the best place to live in New Zealand for you.

3. Dunedin:

If you are obsessed with beaches and want a place with amazing beaches, then it is the perfect and best place to live in New Zealand for you. Some of the popular beaches are Dunedin beach, Warrington beach, and Karitane beach. It has a lot of cafes.

The house prices are on a hike in Dunedin and have increased up to 15% since 2018, so if you are planning to buy a house here, just do it now before it gets any further. It is a cool and safe place to live. Dunedin also represents high historical values and is overall known for its creative environment.

4. West Coach:

West Coach can be the best place to live in New Zealand for you if you are looking for serene and placid vibes. West Coach is very popular as a tourist attraction and is a perfect place for you if don’t want to be bothered by the city rush anymore. West Coach generally has a rural and semi-rural lifestyle. You can work in the dairy industry, fishing, forest, and agriculture industry. The cost of living is very reasonable and viable here.

We have given you your customized best place to live in the New Zealand dream list. New Zealand is unquestionably a serene country, and living here is a dream for many. But the balancing of work-life is also one of the most important factors and so choosing a perfect city for you is crucial. With the help of this blog, go and choose the place that is perfect for you!

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