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Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

arenal volcano
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Vacations in amazing places help us to fight stress and recharge our energy.  The experience gets better if we visit a place during the right time. In this article, we are going to discuss the best time to visit Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America known for its beautiful destinations, natural scenery, fascinating national parks, variety of species, lovely beaches, lush forests, volcanoes, huge waterfalls, and mighty rivers. The country is widely famous for its

  • Wildlife and Biodiversity – The country is surprisingly home to almost 5% of the total species worldwide and has its name in the list of top 20 countries with the highest biodiversity. The most famous animals here are Monkeys, Sea Turtles, Whales, and Sloths.
  • Amazing Beaches – Costa Rica is world-famous for its beautiful beaches. The beaches here have crystal clear warm water. There is also a beach named Punta Uvita, which has the shape of a whale’s tail.
  • Arenal Volcano– It is Costa Rica’s most active volcano and is widely famous. This picture-perfect volcano is a very cool travel destination.
  • Gourmet Coffee Beans– You can learn about the local coffee production here and enjoy the stunning landscapes.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Now the question arises that what is the best time to visit this heavenly place? Well, the best time to visit Costa Rica depends on its weather and the part of the country you want to visit. The country has two main seasons- the dry season and the rainy season. The best time here also depends on what you want to do in what season. So let’s talk about these seasons, which will help you decide your best time to visit Costa Rica.


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Dry Season in Costa Rica

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The dry season in Costa Rica is from December to April. This is the time when most tourists visit the place. The reason is that most of the places here see no rain during this time, so you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your trip. This season is also the best season to visit certain attractions of Costa Rica, like

  • some volcanoes get fogged during the rainy season but can be seen clearly during this season.
  • certain wildlife species can be seen like hawksbill, leatherback, sea turtles, etc.
  • while trekking Mt. Chirripo, both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean can be seen from the top.

Green Season in Costa Rica

Photo by Alquiler de Coches. Flickr. Copyright 2021

The rainy season in Costa Rica is from May to November. The travel is cheap during this time. If you are ready to chance rain, you can see why this season is synonymous with the green season. This is because, during this season, the heavy rains leave the lush forests very green. The rivers run higher, and the landscapes get covered with greenery at this time. This season is also the best season to visit certain attractions of Costa Rica like-

  • Caribbean Coast has an opposite rainy season, .i.e. it is hot and humid here during the rainy season of Costa Rica. The best time to visit this place is in August and September.
  • The rainy season is best to see sea turtles in places like Tortuguero and Ostional.

 To know more about the weather conditions here, let’s have a look at the month-by-month weather details in Costa Rica.

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Month by Month Weather Breakdown


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Costa Rica Weather in January

During January the tourism in Costa Rica is usually at its peak. This is because people from the Christmas and New Year holidays linger, the landscapes remain lush and green after the recent rainy season, the sky gets clear, and the mesmerizing mountains and volcanoes are visible. Thus, it is a beautiful month to visit Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Weather in February

As February arrives, the vegetation begins to dry up as there is almost no rainfall during this month. The average temperature remains between 20-30 degrees. This is the best time for beachgoers to visit this place. The Caribbean coast and the high mountains are probably the only place in Costa Rica which experiences notable rainfall during this month.

Costa Rica Weather in March

March is the hottest and driest month in Costa Rica. It is also very crowded during this time in Costa Rica due to the Easter holidays and spring breaks. Tourists can also see the wildlife here which comes out in this month to enjoy the sunshine.

Costa Rica Weather in April

April is the trail end of the dry season. This month is good for traveling in the higher elevation areas from where one can take in the lush and beautiful vegetation.

Costa Rica Weather in May

During May, the weather is quite unpredictable in Costa Rica. The temperature begins to cool, and the rain is not often unbearable. The prices for travel and stay too becomes low in this month. It can be considered a good time to visit this place if you are on a budget.

Costa Rica Weather in June

June is a month for religious festivals in Costa Rica. The rainy season starts during this time. The vegetation starts to become greener, and flowers start to bloom. This month can also be considered the best time to visit Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Weather in July

In July, there is more precipitation and a weather phenomenon called veranillo (“sunny days”)  stretches for weeks. There are reduced crowds, discounts, and availability of hotels during this month.

Costa Rica Weather in August

August may not be the best month for traveling. This is because, during this month, the chances of storms are higher, and also, towards the end of the month, it may rain almost every day. The mornings may be clear, and there will be rain during the afternoon.

Costa Rica Weather in September 

September is a good time for seeing the wildlife in the jungle. At this time, the rain picks up a bit. There are long rainy days and heavy storms at this time of the year.

Costa Rica Weather in October

With heavy rain, storms, and extreme flooding, October is the rainiest month here. This is surely not the best time to visit Costa Rica as most of the time it rains almost all day so you might see nothing but rain during this month.

Costa Rica Weather in November

Now during this month raining starts to fall back, and the weather is pleasant. This month is the coolest month of the year in Costa Rica. Most of the time, the weather is unpredictable here. The mornings may be clear, and it may rain in the evenings.

Costa Rica Weather in December 

In December, there is not much rain, and the dry season starts to set in. The tourism again picks up, and most of the days remain dry. It is surely a good time to visit Costa Rica keeping in mind Christmas and New Year Eve.

Photo by Coral Blanche Hummer. Flickr. Copyright 2021

So here were the month-by-month analyses of weather in Costa Rica. If you are still wondering about the best time to visit this place, I would recommend you travel at the end of November/early December or in June and July as this time is perfect for visiting almost all places in Costa Rica.

Tips for Visiting Costa Rica 

  • Plan for the high season in advance as Christmas and Easter time are very busy.
  • Costa Rica is an expensive country and if you wish to save up some money, then try to travel during the low season as there are many off-season discounts and hotel availability.
  • Always watch your belongings as due to heavy crowds at the bus stations you might end up losing your things.
  • Don’t forget to pack some waterproof clothing and dry bags no matter how clear the skies look.
  • Only confident drivers should drive because it can be difficult to navigate.
  • Be careful while swimming on the beach as there are no lifeguards on the beaches in Costa Rica.
  • Before renting a car, always read the policies and terms. Also, Costa Rica has mandatory insurance for rentals.
  • Sunscreen and repellants are a must for traveling in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica is a beautiful country having tourists almost all the time of the year. The best time to visit Costa Rica depends on your budget, flexibility, and places you want to visit. The place is breathtaking with its glorious waterfalls, splendid volcanoes, huge mountains, a wide variety of beaches, lush vegetation, landscapes, and wildlife. The place offers adventure, scenery, and relaxation. Costa Rica is an excellent place for vacations with families and friends. One should definitely give this place a try. I hope the article helps you out to find your best time to visit this heavenly place. Have an amazing vacation!

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