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Best Way To Learn Spanish: 10 Easy Methods

Best way to learn spanish

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The Best Way To Learn Spanish is learning through the sources available at home and around. This article will feed your curiosity by suggesting that the 10 methods are the best way to learn Spanish, with easily available resources.

Spanish As A Foreign Language

With 442 million speakers, Spanish is one of the most common languages in Europe and America. Colonization played a prominent role in Spanish transmission across the globe, especially in Latin American countries.

The popularity of a language depends on the extent of its spoken sphere. Spanish is a widely spoken language. Studies reveal that Spanish is also one of the fastest-growing languages in the world.

Every person demands reasons, before learning a new language. Questions naturally arise in any learner’s mind like: Why should I learn Spanish? What is its scope? Is it easy to learn? The answers are listed below:

  • Spanish language learning helps boost your employability in your career.
  • It is the best language for travel prospect that has increased its craze among language learners.
  • It is quite easy to learn Spanish as part of the Indo-European language group, including English, with several common elements.
  • It is also useful for creative expression in learning Spanish cinema, art, and music.
  • The psychological benefits of being bilingual are numerous, including powerful concentration. So, learning Spanish is the best choice for the overall development of personality.

Yes, the USA Speaks Spanish!

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States of America. Its acceptance and popularity can be assessed because most Americans don’t see Spanish as a foreign language. The reasons are numerous to substantiate this statement:

  • Many states and cities have Spanish names, like California, Colorado, Nevada, and others.
  • Americans often use Spanish words in day-to-day life.
  • You might be amazed to know that the USA is the largest Spanish-speaking country and has more Spanish speakers than Spain.
  • Spanish culture is deeply rooted in American life.

We can say that our acquaintance with Spanish is well versed. Linguists believe that the commonness of languages eases the process of learning a language. From the above points, we can see the cultural and social commonality between English speakers and Spanish. So, Spanish learning is not as difficult as other foreign languages.

10 Methods: The Best Way To Learn Spanish

Every Spanish learner must learn one basic fact about language learning that it needs time management and practice. You must set a goal for yourself and make a sincere effort in learning Spanish in a decided time frame. Daily practice is beneficial for beginners to maintain the rhythm.

It is often seen that most language learners quit in between the process as they lack the proper strategy for language learning. These 10 methods are the Best Way To Learn Spanish if you are ready to devote time.

1. Start With Greetings

The best way to learn Spanish is to start using common Spanish greetings like Hola (Hi!), Buenos días (Good morning), Buenas tardes (Good Afternoon), Buenos Noches (Good Night), and others.

Try to use these greetings in conversation. This is the initial step towards learning Spanish as a foreign language. It actually builds the foundation of Spanish learning. Try to speak Spanish phrases with your friends.

A pocket dictionary will surely help to improve your Spanish vocabulary. Try to find out the Spanish words generally used in the American communication sphere. These steps will enhance the proximity and also prepare you for the next method.

You can also study the Spanish alphabet to find out the commonality. It will help you to understand the Spanish language better at the initial stage of learning.

2. Language Exchanges: Best Way to Learn Spanish

The language Exchange Method is commonly used by native speakers of two different languages for learning any new language. This method provides two or more language learners with the opportunity to exchange lingual resources through different internet means.

Present-day, text-chats, meetups, and video-chats are frequently used for foreign language exchange. Babbel, Duo Lingo, Tandem, Hello Talk, Bilingual, and Speaky are famous foreign exchange apps. These apps have several friendly features that make mutual language practising exciting.

Let’s discuss some of them in detail:

i.) Babbel

Babbel is one of the most credible sources of foreign exchange. It also offers language learning assistance with different courses and interactive materials. Enriched with media sources like podcasts and shows, language learners are well received across the globe.

ii.) Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo has a remarkable presence in the foreign language learning spectrum with acceptance in several schools worldwide. It is the best app for beginners in language learning, as it focuses on learning through fun activities. The best part is that it is free.

iii.) Speaky

Speaky offers you a chance to interact with people in more than 180 countries, speaking around 110 languages. It provides you with perfect language partners with similar interests. It also exhibits audio and video chat options for true learning in a real-world environment.

These apps also offer courses and materials for Spanish language learning. It would be best if you tried them to have a practical understanding of Spanish.

3. Listening to Podcasts Is Another Best Way To Learn Spanish

Podcasts that are available on the internet and smartphones are another best way to learn Spanish. When you proceed from the above-mentioned levels, you should start listening to podcasts available in Spanish.

Podcasts are one of the simplest ways of learning a language. Although it is a passive experience, it increases listening abilities. They help to correct the pronunciation and improve your grammar.

Your vocabulary improves, and you start understanding the native Spanish speakers. You can also use them according to your comfort. You can search for some Spanish language podcasts according to your interest over the internet.

4. Watch Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV Shows are audio-visual media that require the attention of your aural and visual senses. This twofold impact is another best way to learn Spanish.

Try to watch Spanish movies with subtitles to learn mostly the pronunciation with native speakers. It also improves your fluency as you learn more and more new words with the correct pronunciation. You can also watch an English movie with Espanol subtitles to gather more new words in your vocabulary.

This practice will also enhance your understanding of Spanish language syntax as the grammatical rules vary from language to language. Watching movies and tv shows also opens a new horizon of understanding Spanish cultural attributes.

5. Songs for Fun

Language learning could be a tedious task if we exclude the fun aspect of it. To maintain interest in language learning, we should take it as a fun activity with dedication.

You might have moved a bit on songs like Despacito, Mi Gente, and Bailando. These Spanish hits have ruled the music industry for their uniqueness. Actually, music is the most powerful tool that connects different cultures.

It would help if you listened to Spanish songs to understand the language better and have fun while learning. It obviously improves your retention power and collection of common Spanish words and phrases.

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6. Spanish Books and Magazines

When you are well acquainted with Spanish words, try to read short stories, cultural magazines, and novellas to understand the uses of words and phrases better. You should use a dictionary of difficult words to decipher their meanings. It is another best way to learn Spanish.

E-books or hard copies, both can be studied according to accessibility. They are also an excellent source of cultural understanding.

7. A Good Grammar Book

Another best way to learn Spanish is to find a good grammar book to understand the Spanish language structure. Spanish and English belong to the same Indo-European family of languages and thus have many similarities.

Words like a cafeteria, bonanza, taco, tequila, breeze, and several others commonly used in our daily conversation are actually Spanish words. The English language has adapted several words from Spanish with or without alliteration.

As they both belong to the same family of language, they have similar scripts and quite similar grammatical rules. A good grammar book will guide you to find the correct positioning of words in a sentence. Also, the gender, number, and verb agreement can be learnt through a good grammar book.

While choosing a grammar book, you must look for useful for beginners and have simple and interactive narration.

8. Learning Through Spanish Tutors

When you are well-versed in the Spanish language fundamentals, choose a Spanish tutor for guidance. A private tutor improves your language skills by correcting your mistakes.

Spanish tutors help you learn the core of the Spanish language. They answer all the queries related to the Spanish language. It is seen, when you try to self-learn Spanish, you find it very difficult to clear your doubts about the grammar, etymology, phonetics, and other aspects of a foreign language. Here, private tutors’ role is pivotal as they clear your doubts and allow a friendly environment for conversation in Spanish.

Spanish tutors have a comprehensive learning-teaching module with a specific course design to suit your need. They have Spanish lesson plans and interactive learning materials. You also get face-to-face interaction with the tutors to improve your conversational skills.

You can search the internet to find a tutor near you or online. Online tutors are also effective in providing standard learning support.

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9. Opt for A Spanish Course

Opting for a Spanish course is another best way to learn the Spanish language. The prime most benefit of a Spanish learning course is the course structure and a time frame.

Qualified professionals design Spanish learning courses. The courses follow a module for the learning process, comprising lessons, videos, podcasts, tutorials, face-to-face learning, and doubt sessions.

Most of the courses are designed according to the learner’s understanding of the language. You can choose among the beginner’s level, middle level, and the advanced level according to your proficiency.

Let us see some trending Spanish Language Courses available over the internet.

I.) Rosetta Stone Spanish Learning Software

Rosetta Stone, a renowned American education software company, provides solutions related to language learning. Its Spanish language learning app relies on immersion-based learning. It provides audio-visual cues to the learners to improve conversational ability in real-world situations.

Spanish learners generally struggle with the pronunciation of the alphabet and numbers. This software helps to tackle the problem through contextual conversation. Its methodology is quite modern compared to the apps that use flashcards and vocabulary drills for language learning.

Rosetta Stone is embedded with TruAccent, a unique speech recognition engine, that corrects your pronunciation and accent with a feedback mechanism. It is truly a smart choice to train yourself as a person fluent in Spanish. Language learners use this software as the best way to learn Spanish.

II.) Base lang  Online Spanish Course

Another best way to learn Spanish is by joining the Baselang online course that offers a real-world situation for learning with more than 200 teachers online if offers both on-campus and online Spanish learning courses for beginners.

Its popularity lies in the approach and course content. Its course comprises only essential topics useful for Spanish learning.  It also uses modern methods and software for teaching Spanish lessons.

iii) Coursera

Coursera is a popular name in the American online course providing institutions. Its Spanish program is specially designed for beginners to improve their vocabulary initially and to progress towards fluency. You can also join the course for free.

10. A Spanish Tour Is The Best Way To Learn Spanish

When you are well-versed in the Spanish language, give yourself a chance to see your learning through a practical task. Plan a visit to any Spanish-speaking country to know the natural lingual expression. It is really the best way to learn Spanish.

This visit will help you understand the level of our learning. It helps you see and know things naturally. It also brings you closer to the Spanish culture and society. If you understand the native speakers and manage to express yourself clearly, you have achieved your goal.

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Being bilingual has numerous advantages. A foreign language dexterity makes you more employable as the world is now open for trade and cultural relations. Today, only speaking English might provide you with a career within the limits of your country, but when you have one more language to your belt, your approach will be global.

Understanding your requirement, you can learn Spanish according to your comfort level. These 10 Easy Methods are surely the Best Way To Learn Spanish.




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