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Bhopal weather and other Indian cities

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In summer, the climate of India largely depends on the monsoon. Gusty winds cause the beginning of the rainy season. Bhopal weather is a useful Internet resource that makes it possible for you to be aware of any changes in weather conditions. The service contains information not only about the air temperature, but about other indicators as well (pressure, humidity, precipitation probability).

Bhopal is a city where one won’t be able to enjoy sunny weather during July. The quantity of cloudy days exceeds 25, with the sun appearing from behind the clouds and disappearing as quickly. Despite this fact, during the daytime,Bhopal weather and other Indian cities 1 the air warms up to +40 degrees Celsius. At night, the temperature drops to 20-25 degrees.


July is the rainiest month. According to the weather in Bhopal service, the precipitation amount during this time reaches up to 355 mm. For reference, in may this figure amounts to about 10 mm. Increased humidity indicates a high probability of precipitation. You definitely shouldn’t leave home without an umbrella.

Probability of precipitation and current temperature in Delhi

Climate conditions in Delhi are not much different from the weather conditions in other cities. When spring ends, you can forget about sunny days. The weather stabilizes only when autumn begins. Everyone who is planning an open-air vacation should find out detailed weather conditions and current temperature in Delhi.

The middle of July and early August are considered to be the peak of the rainy season. The precipitation amount exceeds 300 mm, which affects the air humidity. There are far more cloudy days during this period than sunny ones. But this doesn’t make the situation easier. 

The cloudy sky doesn’t affect in Delhi current temperature, with the thermometer often showing about + 40 degrees Celsius during the daytime. At night, the air temperature amounts to +20-+25°C. Humidity together with a high precipitation probability requires a responsible approach to choosing your clothes, with sunscreen helping to avoid the aggressive influence of UV rays.

How to use Meteoprog service?

It is impossible to plan vacations and strolls without studying the weather conditions. You can read the advice of meteorologists on the website The service offers detailed weather information for a day, week, or month. The site presents the following information:

  • air temperature and humidity;
  • precipitation probability;
  • recommendations for choosing clothes depending to weather conditions;
  • ultraviolet radiation activity.

Using Meteoprog service, you can find out the weather not only in new Delhi or Bhopal, but in other Indian cities as well. Useful information that is always at your fingertips will help you to choose clothes correctly and take an umbrella if necessary.

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