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Biology Essay: The “Dos” and “Don’ts”

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The article covers the specifics of essay writing on biology subject including some major aspects which require a portion of extra attention.

How to Write a Decent Essay on Biology

The writing of biology essays is quite a demanding activity that must be accomplished by the student of the natural science major. The essay of this type is the reflection of the person’s of science knowledge of the basic laws of nature and the ability to notice the common and various aspects of some peculiar questions.

The following tips will highlight some points regarding the writing of the Biology science essay. With these tips you won’t have to ask the question – who will do my paper for me fast. As you probably know, research paper on biology is multi task writing as it involves not only writing but also summarizing of the material, the analysis of the previously conducted investigations, the development of the personal hypothesis with the following approval or disapproval of it.


Obviously, the style questions are among the most important ones as the reader will first see the work and only after that will start reading the text. The primary tips of a good biology essay writing concern mainly the style of writing and peculiarities of formatting.

  • The general structure of the text should be well considered and planned. That is why it is strongly advisable prior to the organization of the main points to create a draft list of the headers of the assignments which will form the skeleton of the thesis.
  • The biology essays are supposed to be detailed and filled with proofs of the statements. The description of the processes which are present in the work should be easy for understanding and at the same time cover all the elements and processes.
  • The writing style is pure academic English which includes the strict word order and avoiding of jargonisms and words which are more suitable for fiction literature. It is also advisable to utilize standard clichés as introductory or emphasizing phrases. The academic English manual will help to achieve a real scientific look of the work.

The Quality of the Text

The text is composed of various elements and it would be hard to gain maximal purity of work. There are numerous points which can be omitted and there are various types of mistakes that can occur during writing.

  • Mind the grammatical structure of the sentences and do not forget that passive voice is rarely used in academic writing. Biology is a difficult science and writing lengthy sentences can cause misunderstanding. Split extremely long sentences into smaller contextual blocks.
  • Read the text several times and fix comas in the sentences, as it is the most frequent reason of fail among the writers. A coma that is placed in the wrong place can spoil the meaning of the whole article and now try to imagine that this is a conclusion section of the essay. There will be some serious problems if such thing really happens.
  • Use the richness of the language as the text that is written with a greater quantity of unique words looks more attractive and is more interesting to read. Certainly there are some restrictions which are imposed by the academic writing but they are not that strong to be able to transform your essay into a boring pile of words.
  • If you have doubts regarding the quality of the text, you can send it to some proofreading service that will read through the text, fix all the possible typos and arrange it to the demands of the writing style.

Mind the Information Sources

Writing of the essay on biology uses some terminology and is often based on the existing investigations or experiments. The task of the students is to organize the data and based on the achievements of other people come to personal conclusions. In these cases, the creation of proper reference is rather important. Nobody wants to be accused in cheating or plagiarism and that is why you need to state all the potential elements of risk which can lead to accusation:


  • The phrases which belong to other people and which were not quoted by the writer.
  • Cases when the text was rewritten without link to the original source of information.
  • The results of the investigation which were performed without your taking part in them.
  • The part from previous essays was copied from the internet.
  • The images and schemes were copied without proper reference or explanation.


Although it might seem hard and difficult to follow the requirements but you need to make sure that you do this in order to obtain a perfectly written essay that will have both scientific value and will correspond the demands of the modern world of science. All you need to do is putting all your passion into the words and write from the depth of your heart and never forget that you are writing the product of your knowledge creativity potential.


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