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Literary Society is proud to announce the name of the annual literary workshop for this academic year- ‘The Parchment’.

The workshop is aimed at uplifting the calibre of linguistics of folks present on campus. It is divided into 6 parts with each part carefully designed to get your creativity flowing. We have made several segments to make the event less didactic and more entertaining. From preaching the gospels of public speaking and creative writing, we extend our genre of interest to the art of storytelling! Short films and movies have become a part of our day-to-day life. Not only is the film industry experiencing an influx of new creative script writers but also these young and novel writers have become a sensation being quite different from a Salim or a Javed of the traditional times. A mixture of literature and pop culture, that’s a heady thing to do!

And lo! We have even more to offer! Students in a technical institute have their own set of writing troubles. Preparing SOPs or any official communication letters for the impending placement semesters or for applying for higher studies abroad is what concerns us all nowadays. We’ll tell you how you can spin- off your experience and use your vocabulary to make a stellar impression. Organization efficiency, performance metrics, optimize the usage? Anyone uses them? tongue emoticon

Tens of tips, lots of games and scores of fun- This is the ultimate fusion of learning and entertainment. Don’t miss it!

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