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10 Bizarre Things People Say When They Are Jealous!


People are an integral part of life! They deeply affect our lives, but how do they react to the presence of a genius in their lives!? Well, a few reactions you will encounter may be rosy and encouraging, but a few you will find to be lame and chucklesome!

But these reactions are certainly not taken seriously as they owe the credit of making our lives twisty and spicy!

1) No big deal!

And you did it! Well Done! But as we all know, it is not a big deal -Stuff happens!
By the way, how did you do it?
(Lily, why so silly!?)

2) Lucky cow

Luck is a Game Changer, and you had it in your favor, my child! It was sheer luck. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for you to make it.

(Buffalo guy, how do you know so much about me?)

3) Name the tonic you drank!

The all-time favorite!

The fashion of age-old Tonic aka Ghutti is always is!
I guess the one from Professor Utonium’s laboratory. It could be the reason behind this miracle.

(Once I come to know its name, I will directly go to the factory!)

4) You think it to be a worthy pursuit!?

Really? I mean, think it over! Now, this is too much!

Slyly butchering your confidence by simply questioning the integrity of your pursuit.
(So tactful!)

5) Visiting some sage?

Well, most people are into this stuff nowadays!
So tell me, what are you up to?
Tantra-Mantra could have turned on your luck or jammed brain!
(The one you suggested to me- remember?)

6) It’s Child’s Play!

My children, your children, everybody’s children can do it! Well Played, kiddo!
(Then why don’t YOU give it a try!)

7) What did you do to get here?

Let me think of all the possible things you might have done to reach this stage.
Bribe or Approach?


Any other thing doesn’t come to mind.
(Seriously, a crackpot!)

8) We did it years ago!

Thank God! You completed it (at least)! Congratulations!
By the way, we accomplished it years ago! What made you think you did something great.
(Uncle, let’s not discuss all the things you have done, you might not like it!)

9) So What!

Oops! It just slipped from my wild, unruly tongue. And even if you made it, there is nothing much to be elated about.
To be very precise- Keep Calm and Stay Low!
(I can smell the feeling of you being ‘J’)

10) You did it?

Overacting or actual shock, whatever they are into.
You…you….you…you did it? (So annoying it is!)
I doubt your talent, or maybe I don’t, but I have a habit of throwing such distasteful comments.

Most of these remarkable phrases give us nostalgia; they connect with our struggles and make them funny yet applaudable!

So, Thank you, Jealously!
After all, you added to the fun element in our lives.


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