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Books vs Movies: Which is Best?

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Books vs movies? It is always a debatable topic. To read or not to read that is not the question. If you don’t read, you deserve to live under a rock. Seriously! With technology progressing rapidly and humans being enslaved to their phones, books have been secretly committing suicide, which is a shame.

How many of us take the time to put aside our phones for a day and dedicate our time to reading? Very few. The book lovers carry the responsibility to start a silent revolution to bring back the world blanketed with good old rusty pages of the books. Books have once made an impact so huge, and people decided to make the characters and story all the more alive by making them into films!

Things that differentiate between books and movies

Is it not such a pleasure to read your favorite book and watch the film and see your characters alive on screen? Harry Potter was spot on. Some people know the full story just by watching the films and not the books! So my question is, which is more creative? Reading a book or watching a movie? We”ll see.

Books vs Movies: Construction-Reading and Watching

While reading, you construct your way through the book. Every word is a brick to a new building, and every word is a cell to a new human! You create a world of your own, which makes a book luckier, for each time someone picks it up to read it, it lives another life. When you watch a movie, you don’t have to do much construction. Everything is already set on screen for you. All you have to do is, sit and watch.

1 point to reading!

Books vs Movies: Convenience

watching moviesIn this busy life that we lead, nobody has the time to sit and read a 500 paged book. It’s far more convenient to have the same information given to you in a 2-hour movie! Though books deliver ideas in detail, a movie does it faster.

1 point to movies!

Books vs Movies: Perspectives

This is a major plus point of reading. You are left to your imagination and opinions. You view the story through your own eyes. You see places and characters as you want to see them. However, when you watch a movie, you see the movie through the director’s eyes. Decide for yourself if you want to see it through your imagination or as a copy of someone else’s.

1 point to reading!

Books vs Movies: Socializing

Watching movie

Watching a movie is more of a social experience. You get to spend time with your friends over a movie. It also helps you to bond more with them. You laugh together with your friends! Isn’t that all such fun? Plus theaters, the best hangout place. The place where you make a lot of memories with your friends. If it weren’t for movies, we wouldn’t have all these theaters, our heaven!

1 point to movies!

Books vs Movies: Reading- A Sensory Experience

Reading is amazing, an out-of-the-ordinary sensory experience! Sight, of course. Sound! You ask how? The subtle sweet sound you hear as you turn the pages. The rustle of the pages, ah…am I in heaven?  Smell- Is there anything more lovely and mesmerizing than the smell of old books and new? Taste-um, okay, we’ll leave that out! Touch indeed, the very feel of touching the good old papers is beyond words.

1 point to reading!

Books vs Movies: Cinema Therapy

watching movie

Yes, it is a thing! This is a form of therapy for people suffering from mental health problems. Movies help individuals connect with storylines and characters. If someone is suffering from depression, this therapy is used in the early stages. Movies as medicines? That’s amazing; count me in!

1 point to movies!

So, we’ve concluded that both books and movies have their own pros and cons. Writing a book and making a film both require creativity and hard work. Well, anyway, at the end of the day we are left to our opinions to love art more, whether it is books or movies! What do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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