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Bored in Lockdown? –  Online Teen Patti is your answer!

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In the past few months, the dynamics of the world, as we know, have changed rapidly. We are now forced to follow social distancing and exercise complete lockdown in order to stay safe. During this time, it is imperative that we devote some time to recreation, along with our work, so we can maintain a healthy state of mind. Just like playing board games with friends and families, online social games are gaining maximum interest!

Bored in Lockdown? –  Online Teen Patti is your answer! 1

Why online Social games?

It is interesting to know that traditional Indian families in North India, believe in playing Social Teen Patti during the festival of Diwali. There are stakes involved, and that is the fun part of it! Higher the stakes, more the fun.  In the Yester-years, the elders of the family used to engage in overnight social bonding with this game. Nowadays there are different age groups who can play this, and it can be played just for fun.

In recent times in India, most of us are staying away from our hometowns. Our parents and other family members are scattered across states, and hence getting together online is the best way to stay connected, as well as have a happy time with them. Hence, the popularity of online Teen Patti has increased in recent times, owing to the distant life and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It is the best time to master the Teen Patti skills online with players across the globe.

Skill-up and master Teen Patti online:

Being at home now, and once we are done with our daily work, online Teen Patti can help you to exercise your brain skills of logical deduction and cognitive ability. Confused how? It is the nature of the game. Try gauging your opponent’s next move beforehand, by observing the pattern in which the game runs, so you can strategize your next move! If you are playing seen and you have weak cards, you can play a bluff and force your opponents to pack or fold, thus becoming the natural winner! There are so many strategies available online which when played right, can endure you with rewards! Just like Poker, Teen Patti has high stakes online as well. This is the reason why it has become popular over the years with the crowd. 

The most helpful tip here is to start early with low bets, and learn the skills in each game, and slowly up the game so that you stay focused. Once you are comfortable with the flow, you will easily understand the opponent’s play and make the best of it!

Popular Strategies to win in Teen Patti:

Being a popular Online game, Teen Patti has so many players online who have played and mastered the game over time. Hence, invest time more than money to understand the different plays of the game. Royalcasino.in has an in depth guide to the game which is great for both beginners and more advanced players. In the meanwhile, you can start with the below tips, to begin with:

  1. Tip#1 – Repetition of Hands:

Just like any other game, play a good number of hands, in order to get a hold of the game. You may lose in the beginning, but slowly it will teach you the winning pattern, and you will know what works and what does not. Always remember, Teen Patti is a Cross-country marathon and not a 100M dash. Just spread your losses across many hands, which will increase your chances to win.

  1. Tip#2 – Being Subtle is the key:

Many new players make the mistake of being too expressive, and they place the first bets as soon as they get good cards. Similarly, they become the first to fold when they do not get a good hand. This classic mistake makes the opponent players easy to read your game and will decrease your chances of winning hands. Lucky or not, be subtle. Make it difficult for the opponent to understand you. Play your best moves when they don’t expect it.

  1. Tip#3 – Emotion quotient is good for relationships- bad for Online Teen Patti:

This is not only true for Teen Patti, but for any online Card games where stakes are involved. Being emotional will cloud your judgement and give away your play to your opponents. Irrational decisions, thinking harder than required, will only end up costing high stakes.

  1. Tip#4 – Blind Mouse wins the cheese:

Teen Patti has the unique advantage of allowing the player to play blind, as much as he or she likes. This is an excellent strategy of sieving the pros from the noobs, as inexperienced players take irrational decisions when faced with a blind player, and thus fold sooner. Try this in the initial rounds with small bets as you have less to lose if it doesn’t work.

  1. Tip#5 – Do not celebrate early. Be prepared for the unexpected:

Teen Patti has a good balance of skills and luck. Hence, when you get a good set of cards, don’t make the classic mistake of winning a game in your castle of mind, when you may have your opponent with a higher hand than you. Hence stay calm and expect anything can happen.


Any online game may help build your skills and keep you entertained. But Teen Patti does more than just entertain- with practice. It builds you personally to make better decisions when faced with opponents trying to gauge you, and rewards you with wins once you master this classic!


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