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Bow Wow, Ow! Your Complete Guide to Dog Bite Injury Lawsuits

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Are you dealing with a painful dog bite injury? Whether you are the victim of a dog bite, or your dog bit someone, you should know what you’re getting into.

Dog bite lawsuits can be surprisingly expensive, but there are many instances in which you and your dog might walk away with just a reprimand. Read on for a quick overview of dog bite injury lawsuits.

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Dog Bite Injury Liability Rules

The laws that determine dog bite liability are a combination of state law, city ordinances, and common law. So, the legal repercussions will be different depending on which state the bite took place in.

There are two main concepts you need to know about when it comes to dog bite injury claims:

  • One bite laws
  • Strict liability dog bite laws

Let’s examine what each of these legal concepts means for you.

One Bite Laws

These laws essentially mean that a dog is allowed one bite before it renders their owner liable for dog bite injury claims.

In states where one bite laws are in effect, the owner is not held liable unless they had a reason to believe their dog would bite.

If the court deems that the owner could not have expected the bite, the owner might be proven innocent and the claim dismissed. If you need legal assistance with a dog bite case, don’t hesitate to call firms like The Cagle Law Firm for an expert opinion.

Strict Liability Dog Bite Laws

States with strict liability dog bite laws have a specific set of rules that govern dog bite cases. Many of these rules hold the defendant liable if they have provoked the dog, or if they were trespassing.

Under such laws, the defendant might find themselves in trouble if they were aggressive towards the dog prior to the bite, or if the bite took place at a location where the defendant wasn’t supposed to be. Things are even worse for the defendant if the bite took place in the owner’s property.

Strict liability laws also examine the severity of the bite. If the bite didn’t require emergency medical attention, the case will likely get dismissed.

Calculating Dog Bite Claim Costs

If the defendant can quantify the economic loss from a dog bite, they will be able to claim a specific amount of money to cover medical expenses and other types of financial loss.

In addition to financial loss, the settlement will also include claims for emotional distress, pain, and potential disfigurement.

Getting Legal Help with Your Dog Bite Claim

Dog bite injury lawsuits can get resolved in a fair and simple way for all parties involved.

Owning a dog is more than a lifestyle choice.

It is also a responsibility, and you might need the help of a legal expert to avoid an unfair outcome or a lengthy court process if your dog bit someone. In many cases, a good lawyer will be able to settle a dog bite claim out of court. For that, you will likely need the aid of a legal expert.

Good luck!

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