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Brand Characters and Why Your Business Needs One

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We all know that marketing is incredibly important when you have a brand. The business world is competitive and you are constantly looking for ways to set your brand apart from the rest. This means being different, relatable and attractive to customers. The same principle applies no matter what product or service you are offering.

One way that brands are choosing to stand out is with a brand character or mascot. This is something that can be used in marketing strategies and it can really make the difference with customers. Let’s learn more to see if you can benefit from a brand character.


Brand Characters and Why Your Business Needs One 1


What is a Brand Character?

A brand character or brand mascot is going to be the ambassador or face of your business. Think about them as a spokesperson that your audience is going to see. They often form part of your logo or the visuals on your marketing materials. The purpose of them is to allow people to not only recognize your brand and build an image but it is also to bond and create trust with customers. They are becoming a big part of marketing strategies across the world and perhaps it is time to think about a brand character for your company.

Human Characters

A lot of companies choose human characters to be the face of their brand. In fact, around 21 percent are human characters since this seems to appeal to a lot of customers. They can be a real person or be a cartoon and fictional mascot. 

For example, a lot of companies choose a human character if they want their brand to represent themselves. While they can be designed with bold colors and take to take on a slight cartoon edge, they are still representative of the person. There are many big companies today that use a human character. Superheroes such as ninjas are popular characters for branding.

Take a look at the fast food company KFC. They have a bold human character that everybody recognizes. Indeed, this is the founder of the company called Colonel Sanders. Some companies also choose to make their brand mascot someone from history. A good example of this is the rum brand, Captain Morgan. They have a character designed to be Sir Henry Morgan, a pirate captain in the Caribbean. They are the only rum company to have a pirate as the face of their brand and this makes them stand out.  


Animal Characters


While human characters are popular for branding, animal characters are the next best thing for a mascot. They can be a playful and cute character that helps people love your brand. After all, who does not love animals? You can really attract people to your brand by using the right animals to portray your message. For instance, if you want to appear strong and a major brand, you can use power animals such as lions. If you want to be appealing to families, you may want to consider using a dog or cat for branding.

There are a lot of big brands out there that are using animal characters for their company. Think about Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. On all of the packaging, you will see Tony the Tiger. He gives off strong and energetic vibes that make people want to purchase the cereal to start their day right.

Therefore, think about if your brand has a relation to animals. For example, if you are selling cheese products, it would make sense to have cows as your animal character. But even if you are not associated with an animal, it does not mean that you cannot have fun and create a fascinating character.

Object Characters

A lot of brands are also using objects as their brand mascot. But instead of making them boring, they bring them to life and make them anthropomorphic. These are known as anthropomorphized objects. This is a fun way to represent your brand and it can be very memorable. A lot of companies choose to make them funny and humorous in order to capture their audience. Think about brands like M&M’s. The brand has brought the candy to life and made them their mascot. 

How to Choose a Brand Mascot

As you can see, there are a lot of brand mascots you can choose from for your business. This can make it a difficult decision. But we want to help you choose one that is going to be the best fit for your brand. There are going to be some ideas that are better than others and we want you to love your brand mascot and for them to grow with your company.

First of all, think about if there are any particular mascots that would suit your brand. Think about the image you want to create and whether a human or animal may help. Also consider the brand message you want to share. Your location as part of your marketing is incredibly important too. For instance, it would make sense to choose a kangaroo to be your mascot if your brand is based in Australia. While your brand mascot does not have to be a direct reflection of your company and it can be a bit of fun, this is a good place to start.

Remember that the brand mascot you choose is going to be how people identify and remember your company. Take your time and choose a character that you love and has the potential to capture the heart of the nation. You want them to embody your message and what your company stands for. For better or worse, brand characters will be, and will remain, a big part of marketing strategies for the foreseeable future.

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