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The Awesome Brooklyn Chocolate Wine and Whiskey Festival!


Do you want to visit the drinker’s heaven? Then Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival is the event of your dreams!

Brooklyn is within the territory of New York, and one of the most populous regions in the United States. And the area is well known for its lively and diverse crowd. Brooklyn is full of working people, and where there are stressed people, chocolate, wine and whiskey festival is like an oasis in the desert.

Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival is organized every year to give relief to these stressed-out people of this busy city. And what could be better than this sweet and savoury festival? It doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or just like the more refined quality wines, or you are a whiskey person.

This Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival is an event that has the potential of attracting some big-time dessert lovers, and as the event is themed, it indeed is a drinker’s heaven. So, let’s explore what Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival has to offer to the busy people of Brooklyn!

6 Reasons Why Brooklyn Chocolate Wine and Whiskey Festival is a Drinker’s Heaven!

1. About Brooklyn and its festivals

Brooklyn is a city with all kind of the hustle and bustle one can imagine, and as there are people from different regions, so are the events which follow them to New York. It is reported in a survey that the population of working-class people aged between 28 to 34 is high in Brooklyn city.

It can be considered as a major reason why Brooklyn is so lively, active, and numerous festivals and events are organized here every year.

Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival is a major event in the city. As this is not just a festival which has some cliché theme, it is a unique festival with food and drinks as its theme. Its a heaven for the drinkers and sweet tooths.

Although Brooklyn hosts several foods and drinks themed festivals, this chocolate wine and whiskey festivals are among the top preference of the food bloggers, social media influencers, and happy people.

This festival is organized by Taste USA festival management organization, and they are big-time into desserts and drinks because they don’t organize this festival just in Brooklyn, but also in cities like Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Philly, and Scranton.

2. About chocolate and dessert


If you separate the population who are crazy for chocolate, they can form their own chocolate country. Such is the crowd of chocolate lovers in the world. Now a major fraction of people lives in and around New York City.

So now, you can imagine that an event like the Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival attracts thousands of people in a day, and it does the same!

Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival have a diverse range of chocolates in all three kinds of variance like your regular brown chocolate, white and dark chocolate. There is several exciting and flavorful chocolate combination present in this festival.

The chocolate fondue bar is a major attraction of this festival, as it is a paradise element for the kids and all ages of people. The organizers will provide you with fruits, cakes, and pretzels that you can dip in the chocolate fondue.

Apart from chocolates, there are several other types of desserts such as donuts, macrons, cakes, and candies, cookies, bar chocolate, etc. It’s like a mini Charlie, and the chocolate factory feels, which makes it one of the most heavenly festivals of Brooklyn.

From sweet hand-rolled truffles to melted caramel, you can expect chocolate in every form here. Get ready for chocolate tasting and dessert exploration.

3. About Wine

As you have had a taste of quality chocolates, now it is time for some wine. There are lots of drinks for quenching your thirst at the Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival.

In this delicious festival, you will get to try premium wines, Champagnes Prosecco, and sparkling wine roses, etc. and that too of the best and renowned brands. This Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival has over 50 different types of wines to offer to their guests.

The best thing about this festival is you don’t need to pay for every wine you taste. Everything’s included in the entry pass, which makes it a hassle-free experience. And if you go for the VIP pass, you will get the opportunity of tasting wines from their premium collection.

The wine and chocolate combination is already a good pair, and the liveliness and energy of this festival are likely to set you in a good party mood. So, gather your colleagues and friends and have a stress free evening at this festival.

4. About Whiskey

If you are not much of a wine lover, then there’s a whiskey for you! In the Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival, you will get to taste some finer whiskeys the country has to offer.

Apart from whiskey, there are craft beers, ciders, and non-alcoholic beverages as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks or desserts. There’s something for everyone.

And if you are missing some cheese to go with wine and beverages, then don’t worry, this Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival is not organized for disappointing people. You will get pretzels, artisan cheeses, and charcuterie as well at this festival.

And similarly, if you have bought a VIP pass, then you will get to taste the finest quality and premium class whiskey and other alcoholic drinks. And you can taste as many as you like.

There are lots of wine festivals organized every year in the USA, and the Monterey wine festival is a major one. You can gain an insight into this festival by clicking here!

5. About the liveliness

Brooklyn chocolate, wine, and whiskey festival is a vivacious event, and the theme is enough to make you go crazy. There are music, food, and drinks to get the party started.

This festival has those three things that can delight anyone. And who doesn’t like drinking more refined beverages and tasting world-class desserts! According to a survey in Brooklyn, the population of the working-class is high, which is the primary reason for the higher success rate of events like these.

People are such a massive fan of this event that their tickets get sold out in a matter of time. And even the VIP pass holders face a little rush and crowd although they pay almost double and they get early entry.

Once you get inside the events’ premise, you will not witness a sad face; people are dancing and deriving pleasures after having a small bite of chocolates, desserts, and wines. There are other gourmets also available, but you need to pay additionally for that experience.

A festival that offers you amazing desserts, delicious wines, and thrilling whiskeys with music in the background is the most fabulous party of all time!

6. About other important details

The Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival is open for people aged above 21, but hey, you don’t need to get disappointed if you are underage, as there are takeaways available. So you can ask someone to bring you the desserts for you.

The tickets are of two types, one is general, and the other is the VIP pass. In the general ticket, you will get free chocolate samples, unlimited pours of your drinks’ preference, and all other desserts.

But the VIP pass has some more things to offer as the VIP tickets include 1/2-hour early access, free wine glass unlimited wine and whiskey spirits tasting with reserved upgrade champagne. Also, you will get a private area for socializing with other people with similar tastes as yours.

So, if you are planning to visit this Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival, then you need to make the bookings in advance as the tickets are limited. This festival is organized in Brooklyn EXPO Center, which is a prime location.

It is an obvious fact that you won’t be in a position of driving yourself if you had enough of wines and whiskeys so, book a cab for your and other’s safety, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the fullest, because after a week of hectic work schedule, you deserve to have a good time here at the Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival.

As we saw, Brooklyn chocolate wine and whiskey festival is a hit, and if you get the chance of visiting Brooklyn or if you live in or around Brooklyn, then wait no more, follow up on their official website to check-up on their dates and ticket bookings.

If you are not in Brooklyn but live in other cities like Pittsburgh, Washington, etc. you have an opportunity of attending this amazingly sweet and delicious festival as the management authority organizes this chocolate wine and whiskey festival in 5 different cities of the United States.

This was an article on ‘6 Reason Why Brooklyn Chocolate Wine and Whiskey Festival is a Drinker’s Heaven’; if you have anything more to add, please feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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