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Burn the Most Calories with These Aerobic Activities

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There are no shortcuts to losing weight. However, you can make your efforts a little more fruitful by focusing on the activities that burn the most calories. Here are three of the most effective aerobic exercises when it comes to calories burned over time.

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Serious kickboxing — not one of those programs that go through the motions — can burn around 600-900 calories per hour. Kickboxing focuses on explosive movements and requires strong core muscles. It will get you sweating in no time and tone your arms and legs. Kickboxing makes full use of your fists, elbows, knees, and feet to strike your target. Movements are fast and continuously changing, especially when sparring with an opponent. Kickboxing also gives you a bit of a foundation in self-defense.

Of course, this will only be effective if you commit to regular sparring sessions. Kickboxing sessions are extremely motivational as you can feel and see the progress that you are making. You might get a few bruises here and there, but that can be minimized by using safety gear. You’ll need a pair of both boxing and kickboxing gloves, your usual gym outfits as long as you can kick with them, and a mouthguard if you want to go sparring.


Skipping Rope

Here’s one activity you can perform almost anywhere. Skipping or jumping rope burns around 700-1000 calories. Jumping fast can get your heart pumping, and it takes very little space and very little time. You don’t need to dress up or spend a few minutes driving to the gym; whip out your jump rope and exercise in front of the TV or while listening to music. There are no expensive fees to pay or schedules to follow.

Start by performing 50 jumps and then resting for 20-30 seconds. You should be able to complete five sets easy, build up from there until you can easily do 15-20 sets. Skipping rope can be hard on your knees and feet, so don’t overdo it. Even if you’re doing a few sets in your living room, you still need to wear proper shoes. Going barefoot puts you at risk of developing plantar fasciitis, but wearing shoes significantly reduces that risk.     

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Even if you don’t go full-on Michael Phelps, you’ll still burn a lot of calories when you go swimming. Swimming burns around 600-900 calories per hour plus an additional 200 per hour just by being in the water. Water resistance makes swimming both an aerobic and strengthening activity. Cold water also activates thermogenesis in your body, making it burn existing fat stores to maintain your core body temperature. Swimming is very low-impact, and your chances of getting injured are pretty low. You’ll need proper swimming attire and membership in a decent lap pool — preferably an Olympic-sized one.

Losing weight and keeping it off can be difficult. Opting for the most practical activities to burn calories can help, but it also requires serious dedication. Try to keep yourself motivated and choose an activity that fits your lifestyle.

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