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Can Feminism And Dating Coexist Peacefully?

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The feminist movement dates back to the second half of the 19th century after the Women’s Rights Convention occurred. Perhaps you know that nowadays feminism experiences its second birth because more and more people start to declare themselves with members of this movement. As we all are more or less aware of the key tenets of feminism, the essential question arises: how will it affect our romantic relationships?

Of course, finding a partner with similar views on feminism is easier. For example, if you live in a country where feminism raised a great response among the society, finding a soulmate in another country isn’t always a way out. Don’t have high expectations on meeting single Russian women who cling to traditional values and attitudes — 80% also identify themselves as feminists. Well, things aren’t that simple. 

Some people think there’s no sense in delving into this sort of detail — you’re just dating and nothing more. No, you two are doing more than just dating, of course, unless you’re not 15 y.o. When you’re dating, you do not just spend time together; you communicate and get to know each other with one simple purpose — to understand whether you two suit each other for living together or not. Open relationship counts as well.   

So, we hope you understand the importance of this topic. Let’s define the percentage of people who identify themselves as feminists. 

People’s Attitudes to Feminism: How Many People Feel Themselves A Part of It

Since feminism is a rather burning issue in modern society, it made many services carry out numerous sociological surveys to identify the number of people considering themselves feminists. The most convenient way to conduct this survey is to do it using a dating service. It’s fast and easy. Moreover, there’s no reason to doubt the truthfulness of the results. Well, several leaders of the online dating industry asked their users a simple question. 

More than 60% of users said they consider themselves feminists. No matter how you prefer to meet, the probability that you’ll meet a feminist is rather high. And your country of residence almost doesn’t matter because we’ve already mentioned that feminism is popular everywhere. Other polls and surveys were intended to define how feminism influences people’s habits and behavior in relationships. 

Many feminists knock off all traditional gender roles, so it means their attitude to relationships and courtship will be different. However, we were surprised to find out that not all feminists prefer to make court to partners and prefer to play a rather passive role. It’s at variance with the leading principles of the feminist movement but still has the right to live. 

Traditionally, women prefer to be pursued. And the majority of feminists who were interviewed stick to this opinion. Less than 10% of them usually make court to men. It’s surprising, isn’t it?

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What Is Feminism?

It’s hard to tell right away what feminism is and what features it has because there’s no clear border between feminist and non-feminist. Surveys mentioned above show that people identifying themselves as feminists may not stick to its principles and still support this movement. We used to think that feminism can be characterized by the following ideas:

  • Rejection of traditional gender roles;
  • Promotion and protection of women’s rights;
  • Combating inequality in society 

This list can last forever. Although even these three points should make you understand that feminism doesn’t always mean women want to take men’s roles in relationships. However, we don’t think that there’s something wrong with women who make the first move, so it’s up to each person to decide.

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