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Can Men and Women Be “Just Friends?”


We all have unlimited buddies to spend our days blissful with, to hang out with and share our thoughts with immense faith. Although we have lots of companions, yet we prefer the company of few according to certain circumstances.The latest survey has conveyed that two friends of opposite sex, more prominently become close and best friends than two people of opposite sex. But it’s too complicated to retain true friendship in either of the cases.

In the first case, if we have a best buddy of the same gender then the act of jealousy and deceiving are most probably committed someday, by one of us, that separates us from our best buddies. On the other hand, if we have the best comrade of the opposite sex, one of us tend to fall for the other one, at a certain point of time.


Nowadays even younger children are prone to fall under such category of people who develop a liking for their friends of opposite sex. A man or a woman always make all the possible attempts to preserve their best friendship, but all their efforts go in vain when their heart’s will conquers the entire soul of that person and gradually makes him or her fall in love with his or her friend. Many of the teenagers suppress their love forever in order to shield their friendship.

Who’s in fault if one is stuck between best friendship and profound love- the one who’s in love with his or her friend or the one who’s unaware of his or her friend’s sentiments for him or her? What would a person do if he or she is stuck between love and friendship? What will he or she choose- amour or companionship?

No matter how much a person attains to struggle with his or her heart, at the end its the heart who gains victory in the war of love and friendship. The transformation of a high friendship to a fierce infatuation occurs so rapidly that it seems that all the changes happened by the difference of a fraction of a second. Whether a girl and a guy can be “just friends”, will always remain an unsolved mystery.

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