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Can One Live Forever?


Death is inevitable. All of us have to face death one day or another, and we cannot accept it. People take death lightly till it comes knocking on their doors, taking away one of their loved ones. They are asked to move on with their lives.


We cannot even imagine the world where people do not die. No one will reject immortality. We have created superheroes and antiheroes and given them the gift of immortality as we cannot have it ourselves. We have accepted death. People invest money on insurance companies so that they can take care of their families after their death. It’s almost like we have given up without a fight.

Can one fight? Do we have the choice? We just might. The average life expectancy of a cave man was only 16 years. In 500 BC, it was 20 years, 400 AD- 35 years, 1900- 47 years, 1930- 59 years, 1975- 71 years and by 1989, it had increased to 74 years. What does this tell us? By the year 2010, the average life expectancy might reach 100 years. As more time goes, this might keep increasing, and immortality might just become a reality.

Why does the average life expectancy keep increasing? We need to thank technological and medical advancements. Further advancements have been made in nutrition, sanitation, living quality. People are coming up with new things everyday to prevent death. In a few years, we might be provided with pills which prevent aging and keep us young forever. Again, our weak bodies might be replaced by metals to keep us alive. Computers might serve as a back up for our brains.

We can eat healthy, exercise, get rid of stress, get enough sleep and still be dead the next day if a car hits us. How far science go to prevent death? One also needs to think about the consequences of immortality. How will our planet deal with the overpopulation of human beings?

Maybe, life is only valuable to us because we know that death is inevitable. We take everything else for granted anyway. Do we need immortality to ruin this one too? We can only wait and see what the future has to offer. 


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