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Can We Build A Granny Flat Garage?

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There are many varieties of granny flats which you may construct. In contrast to the old thinking about granny flats, the designs available are of a lot of variety and there are various reasons why people want to build them. Below is a list of different types of granny flats you can build on your property. Read more as this will provide you with added knowledge and inspirational ideas to consider when building a granny flat garage of your own. 

Granny Flat With Garage

You can build a granny flat with a garage attached. The state environmental planning policy SEPP gives permission to a granny flat to be built with an internal living space of 60 square metres. A garage is a habitable space and may be attached to a granny flat without being counted as a part of the habited area. Add a completely enclosed garage to the granny flat without any loss of space. That may also have internal door access so that the rainy days are easy.

 Detached Granny Flat 

It is a single secondary dwelling on a premise that contains the main dwelling. Constructing a detached granny flat may be perfect to use in terms of investment because it has a separate entryway to the main house and a fence between the two buildings creates more privacy for your family and tenants. 

Attached Granny Flat 

It is joined to the main dwelling on the property and is designed to fit with your home. By changing the orientation of the granny flat we can maximize your privacy or increased interaction between the occupants. Besides the above difference that a granny flat is linked by one common wall to your house, there are other differences also. The most important is that a fire-rated wall is required between the existing building and the granny flat. The second feature is that there cannot be an entry door inside between the building and the granny flat. The granny flat should have its separate entrance. 

Two Storey Granny Flat

The two-storey granny flats are becoming more popular as investors and families are realising the importance of possessing one of them in their backyard. They come in different shapes and sizes. The single-storey granny flats are restricted to 60 square metres internal habitable space. 2 storey granny flats have a double garage on the ground floor and a 60 square metre granny flat above it. If you have the requirement of car space for the main house we can install a privacy wall between the two-car spaces and separate entryways. In two-storey granny flats, there is a unique feature of a balcony upstairs to maximize living space for outdoor or indoor living. 

Detached Studio

It is a habitable building used for alternative purposes like a home office, entertainment area, guest room or art studio. It is considered to be an extension of primary dwelling, although it is separate. You can build it in a flame zone or balcony. It is a great option if you work from home and want to create a small home office or for extended family. 


Granny flats can be of many types and you can get any one of the above types constructed in your backyard or in your property as a separate attachment to the existing property.


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