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Capabilities of a ZoiPer Softphone by Tom Senkus

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BIO: Tom Senkus is a telecom writer that specializes in helping startups and small businesses stay competitive in the 21st century global marketplace. For more information on his list of service and published work, visit
Capabilities of a ZoiPer Softphone by Tom Senkus 1

ZoiPer Softphone functionality has always attracted a broad customer base, numbering 10 million users that include desktop computers and mobile device platforms, since its creation in 2003; a testament to its crystal clear voice quality, the ease of directly sending and receiving faxes, as well as an easy-to-navigate interface whether one is technologically astute or a novice to the VoIP communication phone system. The quality of the audio function makes a ZoiPer Softphone especially ideal for call center use.

With the use of the SDK, Software Development Kit, included with ZoiPer Softphones, this software app will run well on all of the most popular operating systems as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOs and on all computer hardware: PC, Mac, Smartphone, and tablet! ZoiPer software is an especially good choice for businesses running older computer hardware on PCs or Macs.

With advent of new and improved Zoiper Pro 5 Softphone, there comes many more features needed for today’s on-the-go business professional and individuals that goes beyond audio voice messaging and faxing to video messaging and conferencing capability and integrating and syncing business contacts, to one handy address list.  In addition, ZoiPer 5 Softphones enable advanced calling from such third-party computer ‘clients’ as web browsers, e-mail clients, and call center software. The ZoiPer app comes available in a free version and a PRO version.

The SDK, Software Development Kit, feature enables the ZoiPer team of software engineers to customize your computer communications needs specifically for your business; such things as putting your firms brand colors to the ZoiPer Softphone interface rather than ZoiPer’s colors, placing your logo on the interface rather than the ZoiPer logo, supply provision features and licenses in accord specific user groups: novice, business, individual; as well as the encryption of text and video messaging for a secure user experience. ZoiPer’s software engineers will work out a personal business solution that enables a very user-friendly interface.

ZoiPer Capabilities For Computers And Mobile Devices

ZoiPer Softphones Pro 5 are compatible for operating platforms of Mac OS, Windows, and Linux computers. ZoiPer allows for the apps Presence and instant messaging. There is ability to integrate contact lists from computer ‘clients’ as

  • Outlook,
  • Windows / Mac,
  • E-mail address books,
  • iOs / Android contact lists,
  • LDAP,
  • XMPP,
  • XCAP,
  • and CSV files.  

CRM, Customer Relations Management, can be done from desktop or mobile devices, there is the ability to encrypt both the text and video messages for a secure communication experience, and ZoiPer Softphones support English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.


Just to mention a ‘few’ of the basic features of ZoiPer software found on a VoIP phone system and in unity with the traditional PSTN, Phone Switched Telephone Network, telephones there is: auto answer, call recording, transfers, forwarding, and call history, voicemail and video calling and conferencing feature and a drag and drop feature that moves calls and contacts into a conference call.   

The ZoiPer Softphone compares somewhat equally to the popular Bria 5 Softphone in terms of OS compatibility for desktop and mobile devices, however, ZoiPer has ‘bested Bria’ on tech integration of computer software and encryption for more secure communication experience in our 21st Century digital age.  

It should be noted that ZoiPer softphones can be paired with virtual phone numbers, which route calls anywhere in the world from one number to another (known as the “destination phone number”). By purchasing a subscription from a qualified service provider, like United World Telecom, you can use the capabilities of ZoiPER with the added functionality of VoIP. This means that you can use toll free numbers, vanity numbers, local access numbers, virtual SMS numbers and a host of other features, including “call recording”, “simultaneous ringing”, IVR/PBX directories, and much more.  

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