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CBD Vape Cartridges Are Merely One Option for Your Vaping Pleasure

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CBD/cannabidiol created a name for itself throughout the world. It genuinely was not that much of a challenge considering cannabis was infamous for its therapeutic properties for centuries. The average person (anecdotally) knew the potential for the plant, but in an “official” capacity, and as for CBD being its own “celebrity,” this all became a relatively fresh concept.  

More common on the market to date are tinctures, edibles, oils, topicals. But a specific audience is developing for consumers of vaping and smoking products, with vaping trying quickly to take the lead. You can enjoy CBD vape juice or a CBD oil cartridge for use with specific devices. 

Not all CBD oil on the market is appropriate for vaping, and some are merely for oral consumption, so it is critical to learn the differences before initiating any application. 

Dosing CBD When Vaping

To vape CBD properly, you need to determine a dose and potency for your needs. Factors that need taking into consideration include your body chemistry, specific weight, and the condition for which you wish to reduce symptoms, if that is applicable. Some choose to vape CBD for recreation purposes.

It is always the recommendation that you begin with the least possible amount, steadily increasing in increments of 5 mg at intervals of approximately four weeks until reaching the ideal effect. 

Selecting How You Want To Vape

Some vape devices are less challenging than others to use for CBD vape juices, but the inclination is that the process is genuinely quite simple, to begin with. For anyone who finds the delivery method intimidating, it is wise to start with techniques that are “fool-proof,” such as pods, disposables, or cartridges. These are maintenance-free for beginners and those who simply want a user-friendly vaping experience. 

Among the more advanced methods include refillable pens, but these also boast as a much more budget-friendly choice down the road. Look at this for guidance on CBD vaping.

** Vape Pens (CBD – Disposable)

Disposable pens are the most budget-friendly option for vaping, and they deem the easiest to use. They are extraordinarily small and lightweight, reminiscent of cigarette-style, pre-filled with juice, and powered by a battery and coil that is built-in. The indication is that they will endure as much as 100 hits before tossing them out.

** Cartridges (CBD Oil)

These are pre-filled with juice or distillate and come as cylinder tanks, slim in shape, for use with a pen or a “thread battery.” A cartridge will usually hold as much as 1 mL of CBD oil with simple consumption.

** Pods (CBD)

These are almost like a cartridge but in a more modern tone. A pod works with JUUL batteries, one of the market’s most popular vaping methods currently. Now those who use JUUL can go back and forth from CBD to nicotine (if they feel the need to use tobacco products) merely by snapping a CBD pod into their unit.

** Vape Pens (Refillable – CBD)

You can fill the rechargeable pen with your choice of CBD juice. The body generally has a tube-shaped battery fixed to the tank with an interior coil. As compared to disposable pens, these produce more flavor and vapor, not to mention the fact that they are much more budget-friendly in the end. The device does require maintenance in the way of cleaning the tank and changing out the coil.

Final Thought

The first step on your CBD vaping journey should be about simplicity and moderation, particularly if you are new to the compound. Find a beginner’s guide to cannabidiol at . Ideally, you want to start with a cannabidiol dose of a small amount based on your chemistry, weight, and if there is a condition that you want to address. 

A medical provider consultation is warranted to help you determine an appropriate level to keep you safe and help you maintain overall wellness even if you choose to use the product for merely recreational purposes. 

It’s wise to have a doctor apprised of substances that you intend to put in your body, particularly if you’re on other medications that could be affected by the CBD or if you have any underlying conditions with which it may interfere. 

Ultimately, whether the compound serves in a therapeutic or recreational capacity, staying safe is always a priority.

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