Monday, August 2, 2021

Challenges Faced By a Student as a Paying Guest

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Life as a paying guest is extremely challenging, only if you are not co-operative or independent. But if you get used to it, it will offer cherishing experiences and self-confidence to overcome all the obstacles of your lives within a fraction of a few seconds. Once you are out of a PG, you will discover the elements of self-pride and self-confidence inside you and it will give you relief and endless self-satisfaction. The following are a few challenges offered by PG:download

  • Cooperation– If you are not cooperative, you can’t adjust in a PG. Not only in a PG but, anywhere, you’ll be facing hardships and have to deal with infinite quarrels. Those people who are selfish and non-cooperative are always neglected and hated by everyone. So learn to adjust in all where you think it’s possible. But always remember, not to become too adjusting that you find adjustment even when you’re 100% sure that you’re right, and the circumstances are not appropriate.


  • Self-dependence– You might get hold of many friends when you are living as a paying guest, but somewhere you do feel lonely. This loneliness is felt when you know that your parents are not with you physically. Your parents are not always there to help you out. So you must learn to deal with things all by yourself. Of course, you can take help of your friends, but you can’t trust them blindly or depend completely on them.
  • Age-difference– The major problem one has to deal with in a PG is the age difference. Most of the times, the seniors might try to bully you or dominate you. Don’t remain silent when you know that you’re correct. Learn to be cunning and handle the situation in such a way that you are saved. Never be scared of those who are wrong.


  • Lack of luxuries– Remember, a PG might not offer you the luxuries that you get at home like delicious meals, proper facilities, luxurious rooms, etc. Don’t crib for those luxuries; you are not there to enjoy the luxuries but to study and acquire your goals. Every person has to sacrifice his luxuries to become a successful person.

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