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Top 12 Amazing Cheapest Places To Live In Europe

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Living in Europe is a dream come true but the high expense is a hindrance. The amazing monuments hold a part of history, and their natural scenic beauty captivates people from across the world.

Although Europe is considered an expensive place, surprisingly, that is not the case. After some research, I have gathered the most beautiful and cheapest places to live in Europe that might meet all your requirement in a low planned budget.

Top 12 Cheapest Places to Live in Europe

1. Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places to live in Europe, boasting of its natural beauty, growing economy, and development in the tech industry.

This Balkan country is endowed with multiple beaches, rich culture, and astonishing historical monuments. The quality of life in this affordable country gives you a glimpse of the whole of Europe.

Cost of Living

In Bulgaria, the monthly cost of living is less than $800. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $250-$300, and a  normal meal is about $4-$6.

The monthly charge of water is $15-$20, which includes water required for laundry, bathing, washing dishes, and other household chores.

The workforce and land are also cheap, and the average land prices vary from 25 to 50 euros depending on the location.

2. Warsaw, Poland

Photo by Skitterphoto Pixabay Copyright 2021

Poland’s capital city Warsaw is an alluring destination filled with grand architecture, cobbled streets, elegant avenues, and wide green space.

The history that it holds and the quality of life and affordable living cost have made Warsaw one of the popular destinations to move to in Europe.

Cost of Living:

Warsaw offers a moderate cost of living. For a family of four, the monthly cost is $2,302, whereas if you are looking for a 1 bedroom apartment, it costs between $400 to $500.

The restaurants are not expensive; if you wish to dine in a cheap restaurant, the cost is 4.50, whereas, in high-end restaurants, it is $14.50.

3. Romania

Photo by dnovac Pixabay Copyright 2021

Romania, a country located in southeastern Europe, is full of history and culture. It is Europe’s best-conserved delta with snow-capped mountains, sandy Black Sea beaches, and hills draped with green forest. The historical castles and UNESCO sites wow the visitors.

The beautiful setting with delectable but affordable food and cheap cost of living makes it one of the cost-effective places in Europe.

Cost of Living

The cheapest place to live in Europe is Romania which costs you a monthly budget of $11,00. A flat with a single bedroom is affordable at $300 to $420. Food prices keep on varying, but you can enjoy your dinner at $5 to $6.

The best thing about this place is that it offers a great opportunity to travel and explore these marvellous cities at reasonable rates.

4. Budapest, Hungary

Photo by JStolp Pixabay Copyright 2021

Hungary is the tourist hub of Eastern Europe, and its capital city Budapest is one of the cheapest places to live in Europe. The vibrant culture, history, the Danube and Balaton lakes amongst the green lands attract international tourists.

Due to growth in the economy, firms have expanded and created job opportunities for foreigners and digital nomads.

Cost of Living

The starting monthly rent in Hungary for a 900 sq ft area is $350, while a one-bedroom apartment is $400 to $500. The food is quite affordable, and it will be the cheapest if you cook yourself.

All the western things and amenities are available in Hungary at half price compared to the rest of Europe.

5. The Czech Republic

Photo by Duernsteiner Pixabay Copyright 2021

Another safe yet cheapest place to live in Europe is the Czech Republic, with a comfortable and friendly setting. This central European country is ornated with Gothic architecture and buildings that reflect the past.

The famous places of the Czech Republic are Prague castle, Bohemian Paradise and Charles Bridge, which are worth a trip.

Cost of Living

The Czech Republic is quite affordable, and the average monthly expense is around $1000. It covers all the basic costs such as meals, public transportation, and accommodation. The price of living will vary depending on the location, your choices, tastes, and lifestyle.

Prague might seem expensive in comparison to Budapest, but with better-paying jobs, it balances out the expenses.

6. Kyiv, Ukraine

Photo by Zephyrka Pixabay Copyright 2021

The capital and largest city of Ukraine is Kyiv which displays its stunning history and culture through various museums and monuments. The picturesque landscape, wonderful customs, and traditions make it one of the beautiful cheapest places to live in Europe.

Cost of Living

The average monthly budget for a family of four is $1,564, and an individual is $452 without rent. Here you can live comfortably without worrying much about the cost of living.

The good standard of living, traveling opportunities, and leisure options that Ukraine offers help fulfill your dreams of European adventure.

Although Kyiv is an expensive city in Ukraine, it is the cheapest city in the whole of Europe.

7. Slovakia

Photo by Walkerssk Pixabay Copyright 2021

The beautiful country of Slovakia is blessed with natural parks, castles, UNESCO sites, and its capital city Bratislava is filled with intriguing history and art. The good location, connection with European cities, and affordable prices attract multiple international ex-pats.

This landlocked country with the fastest growing economies in European Union has many English speakers making settling easy for the migrants.

Cost of Living

In Slovakia, the average monthly budget is $900, including food, accommodations, and other basic costs. A normal meal in a local dinner may charge you $7 to $10.

One bedroom furnished apartment costs $300 to $500 depending on the city or town that you decide to live in. The cost of living will also vary as per your spending and lifestyle.

8. Vilnius, Lithuania

Photo by Makalu Pixabay Copyright 2021

Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, is one of the cheapest places to live in Europe if you are a fan of the Baltics or Scandinavia region. You’ll find a large number of English-speaking natives rather than just international migrants, and it gives easy access to travel the whole of Europe.

Cost of Living

The monthly budget for two people in Vilnius is at least $1000 and the rent of a single bedroom flat per month is $515.  If you are looking for an apartment, navigate through Airbnb for better options.

A meal in any local dinner will cost you around $5 to $8 per person, whereas, in a high-end restaurant, it is $25.

9. Riga, Latvia

Photo by GermansLat Pixabay Copyright 2021

The country between Lithuania and Estonia on the Baltic sea is Latvia which is one of the cheapest places to live in Europe. Its largest city, Riga, also the capital city, is Latvia’s social, economic, and cultural center.

Although the country has a stable population, there has been a surge in economic activities in the last 20 years, leading it towards a boom.

The places in Latvia are worth the explore with various activities and friendly locals, out of which 27% are English speakers.

Cost of Living

The living expenses in Latvia are considerably cheaper with respect to accommodation, healthcare, and foodstuffs. The monthly rent of a one-bedroom flat is $455, whereas the utilities cost $125. A meal in a cheap restaurant costs $5.60, and if you cook yourself, you’ll save more.

10. Tallinn, Estonia

Photo by Makalu Pixabay Copyright 2021

Estonia is yet another cheapest place to live in Europe of the Schengen area in the northern Baltic states. It is an important regional location from the historical point of view as it has mixed styles that were influenced by Sweden, Hanseatic League, Russia, and Estonia itself.

This fast-growing country has high living cost compared to Lithuania and Latvia but less than other Western European countries.

Cost of living

The capital city, Tallinn, might seem a little expensive than the other on the list. The average monthly cost of living in Tallinn is nearly $704. Food and other basic amenities are cost-efficient. As a freelancer, if you are interested in setting up in Europe, this country would be of great support.

11. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Photo by pixelRaw Pixabay Copyright 2021

Bosnia-Herzegovina was formed after the collapse of Yugoslavia, and all the states that were formed after the split have become the cheapest places to live in Europe.

Sarajevo is the mix of three different cultures brought by the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires, and it takes you back to the tumultuous history of the Balkans.

Cost of Living

The average monthly rent of cozy apartments in Bosnia ranges from $300 to $400, and a one-room flat costs $200 to $250. The normal utilities required for a single room apartment charge $85 per month. A single course meal costs $4.55 in an inexpensive restaurant.

The capital city Sarajevo is cost-effective compared to other capital cities in Europe.

12. Lisbon, Portugal

Photo by Cristinamacia Pixabay Copyright 2021

The captivating coastline of Portugal along the Atlantic Ocean attracts people from across the globe. The colonialist history and ornate architecture of Lisbon will leave you in awe. The delectable seafood, wonderful climate, and budget accommodation make it the best place to settle down at.

Cost of Living

A single person can afford a flat at a monthly budget of $701, whereas a family of four is $2,459. You can enjoy your meal at reasonable prices of around $6.67 and coffee at $1.11.

On the list of cheapest places to live in Europe, Lisbon of Portugal is relatively expensive, and the prices are rising due to its increasing popularity.

If you are interested in moving to Europe, proper research and budgetary planning are needed. Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine are top listed cheapest places to live in Europe, followed by many others. As per western European standards, these countries are considerably cheaper and provide comfortable living with all basic amenities.

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