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Check If You Have Already Been FRIENDZONED!

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Who on earth would like to be friendzoned?! From Jorah Mormount and Khaleesi in ‘Game Of Thrones’, Katniss and Gale in ‘The Hunger Games’, Lizzie and Gordo in ‘Lizzie Mcguire’  to Kajol in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, Deepika Padukone in ‘Cocktail’, Neil Nitin Mukesh in ‘New York’, Saif Ali Khan in ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, we have plenty of reel versions of the real Friend Zone situations. Not to end up sealing your fate in the territory of friendzoneville, here are a few red flags for the same!


  • Does your boyfriend talk about hot girls in front of you or mentions his propensity for Megan Fox? Well, that’s a tell-tale sign of you being in the dreaded friend zone because your true admirer would never talk about other sultry women with you. The Merriam Webster dictionary has already given you the “just friends” badge, only you aren’t realizing that.
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  • Is he a grouper? Rather than spending 1:1 time with you, he prefers hanging out in groups. An “ussie” or “groupie” is more exciting to him than a lovey-dovey selfie with you. Its tacit that you are just a ‘good friend’ to him.
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  • Are you taken for granted? May it be a family conundrum, a verbal spat in office, a little trepidation before an important event or even when something goes wrong with her crush, you are the “go to guy”, always at her disposal and listening to her grievances with alacrity.


  • Is he trying to hit on the bartender or checking out the coffee shop patron even in your presence? Mind you, that’s certification for him not being interested in you more than a good friend.


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  • Just him and you, still no heart thumping romance. You may be enjoying a game of bowling, hanging out in a sports bar or discotheque or even going for a weekend shopping together but that X- FACTOR is missing between you two. Neither of you two has pecked the other even after sharing gallons of time together, you are firmly entrenched in the Friend Zone according to the ‘urban dictionary’ definition because you are just too cool to hang out with, but not the dream boy or girl , she or he is looking for.


  • It is rightly said that “Effort equates to Attraction”. Well, you do not need to dress up like a supermodel everyday, but a little conscious effort , a romantic undertone and a mix and match in your attire to please your crush is expected in a building relationship. If just “Pals”, she won’t bother wearing the same sweatpants or the dorky pajama for two consecutive days even!!!


  • Is she always citing the qualities, she is looking for in her ‘dream guy’ ? ‘l want someone handsome, loving, understanding, intelligent, caring and everything that sums up a decent guy just like you’ or may be she is just crazy about a douche-bag you already know . At this ,your heart is like shouting from inside the WWE Superstar John Cena’s catchphrase “You can’t see me”. You may be the “All in One” combo offer for her but you are still ratified as a ‘good friend’ according to her own ‘Venus’ theory.
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