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Choosing the Best Acting School For You

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The moment you decide that you want to become an actor is also the moment you should start looking at all the steps and opportunities you need to take to hone yourself in truly becoming the actor you aspire to be. Becoming an actor is not as simple as one may think of it to be. It requires confidence, personality, talent, and skills.

There are so many people who have doubted themselves and backed out or did not try at all because they feel that they do not have the talent for acting. Much like the saying goes: “ leaders are made, not born,” talents and skills can be acquired and developed with your passion and grit, together with the perfect acting school for you.

There are so many acting schools you can choose from. All of them have different strengths and weaknesses in the industry. Determining the best acting school for you includes considering various factors such as:

  1. Costs

Acting schools and availing classes from them is the fastest and cheapest way to examine whether you genuinely want to become an actor. There is no failing or losing. You just join a class, learn, and see whether you enjoy and love what you’re doing. Some acting schools offer very costly courses, but some do not. While you might think the higher the price is, the quality may be better, but no. It is possible to learn as much or even more with more affordable acting schools. Find one that is well within your budget.

2. Acting instructors

Acting school or not, our teachers can either be our heroes or nightmares. They can inspire us to be better or make us quit our dreams. Ensure the instructors of the classes you are planning to take in the acting schools you will have as options. Some acting schools like Bernard Hiller Acting & Success studio, Bernard Hiller have been an instructor to many successful actors in their careers in Hollywood today. More so, they have special guests like April Webster, who won three Emmy awards and more. The instructors are the foundation of an acting school.

3. Acting classes offered

There are different acting classes, which can be specific for techniques, lessons to learn on auditioning, on-cam scenes, scene study classes, and more. It’s best to find a school that offers all the different types of acting classes you will need and would want to take.

4. Amenities provided

A right acting school has its amenities complete for all your acting needs, such as learning for on-camera classes, theatre performances, and such. More so, given the pandemic, these acting schools must have adapted to the pandemic and should provide classes through online platforms.

5. Personal preference

Sometimes defining what is “best” for you all boils down to what you feel would be perfect for you. It can depend on your budget, your rapport with your soon-to-be instructors, how you feel comfortable in the school, the schedules, the distance to your home, and more.

6. Exposure to the industry

One of the most important things to consider in choosing an acting school is their exposure to the industry: how long they have been in service to dreamers of becoming known actors, their expertise on the nitty-gritty of the different areas of the industry, and more.

7. Reputation

Read online reviews. Converse with someone who has already availed acting classes from the acting schools you have as options. Their testimonies will help you evaluate all these schools and compare them to one another.

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