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Choosing the best online casinos in Finland

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The gambling industry in Finland is quite unique to other countries. All slots, online games, and betting games are monitored and controlled by the government through one entity called Veikkaus Oy

All online platforms are regulated and run by one company which is a part of Veikkaus called RAY. In Finland, all online sites need to be registered with RAY, after which the games are regulated as well to ensure player safety.

However, the advancement of the internet and technology have broken down certain barriers and allow Finnish people to circumvent these boundaries and gamble on international sites. There is no specific law that bans Finnish citizens from gambling on foreign websites.

If you’re just getting into gambling in Finland then a bit of research would tell you that there is a lot to learn in terms of the regulations, websites to play on, and tactics to win. Trying to find the best casinos that give you a high chance of winning games can be a difficult process. But, with the right sources and experience, you will be well on your way to enjoying your online gambling experience.

Gambling in Finland

Gambling is a popular past-time for many Finnish citizens, and the number of people gambling is increasing every day. Even though the entire is fully controlled by the government, the system set up by them is favorable enough that the Finnish are willing to spend more and more on gambling and games.

In 2021, Finland generated over €1.5 billion in revenue from gambling alone and this number is set to increase to over €2.2 billion by 2022. These numbers are mostly owing to the fact that a larger percentage of the younger population are becoming interested in gambling and online gambling has seen resounding success over recent years, especially after the pandemic. 

In the entire country, there are only 16 land-based casinos which are beautiful and exciting to enter, but this number is so low due to government interference and control. There are no such constraints in the online world as there are literally thousands of websites that any Finnish citizen can access to start gambling online.

Legality and the future of gambling

The current process of having one company to manage all the gambling proceedings in Finland was first met with resistance by the local community. However, the government created a system where the profits from these games were reinvested back into the community, thereby improving resources for healthcare and education.

When the Finnish became aware of this as well as the success of gambling companies, their focus shifted and they became more involved in gambling rather than fighting the process. However, Finland still faces pressure from foreign entities to end the monopoly that the government has over the industry.

The European Union (EU) is constantly pushing them to change, but so far, they are not even considering that option. And due to the lax rules and legal framework set up, the Finnish are able to create accounts on offshore websites and play in the top slots and games in the industry without fear of punishment.

What do Finnish online sites offer over land-based casinos?

There is always a constant battle between online dwellers and land dwellers with both sides arguing the strengths that each has to offer. In the end though, what platform you use should depend on your preference and playing style.

However, if you look into data from both of these platforms you will find that online platforms have more concrete advantages to land casinos.

  1. Online websites usually have a larger collection of games as land casinos are limited to space and capital invested into the casino. You can enjoy a lot more options and methods to win money using a website than visiting a casino.
  2. Due to the convenience, popularity, and ease of generating revenue, these websites tend to offer higher bonuses and rewards than casinos do. Casinos will have a tough time matching these numbers due to the various other expenses they incur.

You can go the more traditional route if that is what you’re used to with land-based casinos. It has a different environment than a website for sure, but for regular users, an online site is usually the more cost-effective and popular option.

Looking into the stats alone, land-based casinos have seen falling revenue for the last three years consecutively in Finland. However, online gambling has seen a massive increase and is one of the leading reasons why the market is thriving even during the pandemic.

The types of online casinos

Due to how vast the online market is, there are various types of online casinos to choose from:

  1. No registration sites – These sites allow you to play games without going through the entire registration process. This is a convenient option that is great for new users to test out games.
  2. Mobile-based casinos – You don’t need a PC to gamble online. Now there are mobile apps or mobile-optimized websites that allow you to do the same things while on the move.
  3. New casinos – There are multiple new gambling sites opening up every month. The advantage of joining one of them is that you will be able to access all the latest games and there are higher chances for bonuses and rewards.
  4. Playing for real money – Once you have taken off the training wheels and playing free games, you can start bringing in some dough by playing in the top online casinos with massive jackpots.

Choosing the right online casino

With all the different casinos around, it can be tedious to find games that match your playstyle and offer lucrative rewards if you win. On your own, this process will require hours of time and lost money until you find your answer.

Or you can rely on the experience and research of other gamblers just like you who also love gambling online. Sites such as Casino Gorilla are gambling site aggregators that review and list down all the best online casinos you can find. The latest and best casinos in Finland are updated every month so that you are always informed on which game to play next! This is the next best thing to using a private guide to find the best online casinos in Finland.

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