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Civil War: Captain America Vs Iron Man! Who will win the battle?



I do not know superheroes exist in reality or not. Also, I do not know what might happen if they did exist. But the thing is, they really do make us feel more secure in this world, even if they only exist in movies.

If it’s about superheroes, then so many names come to our minds, like the Hulk, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man. Also, we must not forget the leader himself, Captain America, the one who combines and leads the team of superheroes named avengers.

As we saw in the movie, the superheroes look after each other’s back to defeat the enemy, who is stronger than any individual and the whole team has to gather and defend the world from the terror. It is always seen that without each other’s help, they are nothing but peanuts for the ultra mighty. And it is also known that some heroes are slightly jealous of others.

Like in the movie Avengers, Iron Man and the Hulk made a villain out of themselves to prove themselves superior among the team. Tony stark, or the funky Iron Man who hardly follows any rules or designs his own rules, always has internal conflicts with the Captain and tries to prove that he is better than him.

But wait, my dear, the conflicts we saw in the movie were just friendly ones. Now! Imagine what if that friendly conflict turns into a war?..! What if the friends or so-called Super Natural friends turn against each other.

Iron Man vs. Captain America..!!!
This is the theme of a new movie from Marvel, which could be the coolest movie ever. As both, the heroes know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and they also know the emotional side of each other.

So it would be amazingly fantastic to watch the movie which is due next year.

Now let us talk about what could happen. As for my personal opinion, I am a huge fan of Iron Man, and I might be a little biased because of that!

Extraordinary Technology vs. a Super strength human. Iron Man has missiles, and he can fly, shoot lasers; everything favors him. In contrast, Captain America has a disc that he can throw for a hit or use to defend himself. There is no chance of Captain against Tony.


Controlling gadgets vs. best military combat strategy. But we must not forget that the captain has that brain, the best military strategies, and he can take other marvels on his side and use his surroundings as his biggest prop. Also, he is more than calm, whereas Tony is never calm or composed and is always under some mental stress. Captain can use this as his biggest advantage and make Tony his own enemy.


Mind vs. Machine. Also, no machine is perfect or loyal. The captain can use Tony’s machines or technology against him. So that’s another disadvantage for Tony.


Love, power, and popularity. Captain America rules the heart of millions, is loved by the nation, and he is more experienced than he was in World War II, and the chances are that he might get support from his war friends. But let’s not doubt the intelligence of Tony. He is very well capable of creating any machine, plus he is full of resources,  has complete support from the defense. More money too, more political pressure, and these might turn into great disadvantages for Captain. Also, he can fire up the emotions of Captain as he never turned old or suffered any personal losses…!!!

If you ask me, it’s going to be a Marvel movie…!
Full of action, suspense, surprises.

War could turn on, either way, so fingers crossed for what the movie will reveal; right now, all we can do is speculate!
Please share your views …

Thank you

Nikhil Attri


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